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JeemTV logo
Launched 9 September 2005
Owned by Al Jazeera Media Network
Country Qatar
Headquarters Doha, Qatar
Sister channel(s) Baraem
Badr & Arabsat 11862 V / 27500
Nilesat 11564 H/ 27500
Hotbird 12558 V / 27500
NOVA Greece Channel 857
Eutelsat 28A (Europe) 11223 V 27500 2/3
SKY Italia Channel 690
naxoo (Switzerland) Channel 279
TalkTalk Plus TV Channel 460

JeemTV (Arabic: تلفزيون ج), formerly the Al Jazeera Children's Channel (Arabic: الجزيرة للأطفال), is a free-to-view pan-Arab channel, for children between 7 and 12 years old. It is owned by Al Jazeera Media Network

The channel aims to focus on the particular needs and interests of this age-group and on the issues relating to the interaction of their particular culture with the wider world. It aims to provide quality programmes that stimulate both learning and creativity.

Content featuring children includes:

  • debate shows, allowing young Arabs to express their thoughts and communicate their opinions
  • magazine-programmes, covering educational themes such as: science, technology and sports
  • quizzes and game-shows, for general knowledge but also for pure fun and entertainment

The channel also broadcasts nature documentaries and cartoon and animation programmes.

The content is mostly third-party foreign shows, though the channel does produce some material itself. The bought-in material is selected from the best of the international market. Foreign-language material is translated into Arabic, either by voice-over, dubbing or by subtitles.

The channel produces its own cartoon TV series and other animations, and also participates in co-productions with other public service children’s channels around the world.

Al Jazeera Children’s Channel is free to view on Badr, Arabsat, Nilesat, Hotbird and Eurobird and is also distributed by a number of other operators across Europe.

JCC developed its multimedia programme for learning and creativity with an interactive website, at: The website is bilingual in Arabic and English and provides more than 200 hours of educational and entertainment material. Members can also upload their images and videos and share them with other children around the world.

Programming for the pre-school sector, aged 3 to 6 years old, is presented under the title: Baraem.

On 29 March 2013, the channel was rebranded as JeemTV.[1][2][3] The word "Jeem" is a reference to the letter ج in the Arabic alphabet. It is depicted in the logo.


The story starts with JCC, the free to air children’s channel that was founded in September 2005.

As a Pan-Arab edutainment channel, JCC is dedicated to enriching the lives of children in every Arab home across the world. Through high-quality and innovative programing, JCC strives to reach Arab children while aiming to preserve Arab cultural identity and instill the values for a promising and talented generation.

Over the years, JCC has gained a substantial experience by producing a considerable part of the content, and carefully selecting the rest from the best of the international market. At the same time the channel has built on deep insights into researches, which had provided tremendous knowledge into Arab children’s behavior and enabled us to understand what children want and need. With this in mind we wanted to integrate a child centric brand that caters the modern needs of Arab children and a generation of new media adopters, and brand that offers a full scale of 360 degrees proposition and over multiple platforms.

The integration, needed to reflect Arabic origin, remembrance, and consistent to pronounce across the Pan-Arab region.

The evolution gave birth to JeemTV. Given the huge strides that technology has made in recent years it seemed right and proper to make the channel a state of the art reference that is loved by children and respected by parents. By applying our insight, knowledge, and experience we have evolved our offering so that it meets the needs of Arab children in the 21st century.


The original logo from 2005 to 2013

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