Al Madinah Region

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Coordinates: 25°0′N 39°30′E / 25.000°N 39.500°E / 25.000; 39.500

Madinah Region
المدينة المنورة
Map of Saudi Arabia with Madinah highlighted
Map of Saudi Arabia with Madinah highlighted
Capital Medina
Boroughs 7
 • Governor - Emir Faisal bin Salman
 • Total 151,990 km2 (58,680 sq mi)
Population (2010 census)
 • Total 1,777,933
 • Density 12/km2 (30/sq mi)
ISO 3166-2 03

The Madinah Region (Arabic: المدينة المنورةAl-Madīnah al-Munawarah) is a region of Saudi Arabia, located on the country's west side, along the Red Sea coast. It has an area of 151,990 km² and a population of 1,777,973 (2010 Census), subdivided into seven governorates (muḥafaẓat):

Governorate Population
Medina 995,619
Al Hunakiyah 52,549
Mahd Al Thahab 53,687
Al 'Ula 57,495
Badr 58,088
Khaybar 45,489
Yanbu Al Bahar 249,797

The regional capital is Medina, the second holiest city in Islam.[1] Other cities in the province include Yanbu' al Bahr and Badr Hunayn. It also contains Mada'in Saleh, a pre-Islamic UNESCO World Heritage Site.[2]



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