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For the neighbourhood of Manama, Bahrain, see Noaim.

The Al Nuaim or Al Noaim (Arabic: النعيم‎) tribe is a large Arab bedouin tribe based primarily in the Arab states of the Gulf. It is a part of the Bani Yas tribal confederation and is divided to numerous branches such as Al-Heyaa Al Muhanna, Al Sayad, Al Mansoor, Al Jaffali, Al Rahma, Al Jaber, Al Ali, Al-Shamsi, Al Majed, Al Alaaq and Al Bukhraiban.

The Al Nuaim tribe was one of the several bedouin tribes to move to Bahrain in 1783 after the Al Khalifa conquered the island.

Members of the Al Nuaim tribe[edit]

Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi - emir of Ajman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Muhanna AL-Naimi, Dr Tayseer Mnaizeel Al Nuaimi, Abdulla Majid Al Naimi, Rashid Abdullah Al Noaimi, Abdulrahman al-Nuaimi, Bahraini political activist, Ali Al-Naimi.

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