Al Rojo Vivo

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Is a Spanish language expression meaning heated until red hot, the glowing color of an object between about 500 °C and 800 °C. As in English it can be used to indicate intense emotion or a situation ready to be shaped or forged by public opinion


  • Spanish version of
  • White Heat (1949), directed in USA by Raoul Walsh.
  • Mercury Rising (1998), USA Film directed by Harold Becker
  • Al rojo vivo (1969), A film by Mexican director Gilberto Gazcón.


  • Al rojo vivo (1980), An expired Mexican news and commentary program.
  • Al rojo vivo (2011-), A daytime news and current affairs discussion program transmitted by by laSexta (In Spain
  • Al Rojo Vivo is a Spanish language news program on the American television network Telemundo. It is shown daily from 5 to 6 P.M. EST. Anchors are Maria Celeste Arraras. The show replaced a similar news program called Ocurrio Asi in 2002 after Arraras left the Univision network after some laboral disputes. Arraras is substituted by Carmen Dominicci, Monica Noguera or Vanessa Hauc in special occasions.

The show is similar to its competitor, Primer Impacto with it having some gossips segments between the current news and sports or weather sections.

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