At the End of the Spectra

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Al Final del Espectro
AficheAFDE pequeno.jpg
Directed by Juan Felipe Orozco
Produced by Juan Felipe Orozco
Alejandro Arango
Written by Juan Felipe Orozco
Carlos Esteban Orozco
Starring Noëlle Schonwald
Kepa Amuchastegui
Silvia de Dios
Julieth Restrepo
Manuel José Chavez
Carlos Serrato
Music by Carlos Esteban Orozco
Cinematography Luis Otero
Manuel Castañeda
Release dates
December 15, 2006
Running time
100 min.
Country Colombia
Language Spanish

Al final del espectro (At the end of the Spectra) is a 2006 Colombian horror film. The story was written, produced and directed by Juan Felipe Orozco.


After a traumatic situation that turns Vega into an agoraphobe, she decides to live like a hermit in an apartment at her father’s suggestion. Her life changes radically as she begins to see the inexplicable and hear the unignorable. As her horrific visions intensify, Vega begins to piece together a dark jigsaw puzzle illuminating evil’s malign power. A series of explosive situations: a sinister presence in the apartment, her neighbor’s bizarre obsession, and a dark forgotten past, bring the story to a chilling, claustrophobic and tense spiral.



The apartment where Vega lived was originally an abandoned gym. The darkness of the place is similar to that of old apartments in downtown Bogotá.


The film was released on December 15, 2006 and had a successful opening week.

Box office[edit]

Al final del espectro was in the first position of the Colombian Box office.[1]


Roy Lee was planning to do an American remake in 2010 with Nicole Kidman as the lead ("Vega").[2] In 2013 was released Demon Inside, a Mexican remake.[3][4]


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