Alabama–Penn State football rivalry

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Alabama-Penn State football rivalry
Alabama Crimson Tide Logo.svg Penn State Nittany Lions.svg
Alabama Crimson Tide Penn State Nittany Lions

Sport(s) Football
Total meetings 15
Series record Alabama leads, 10-5
First meeting December 19, 1959
Penn State 7, Alabama 0
Last meeting September 10, 2011
Alabama 27, Penn State 11
Next meeting -
Largest win Alabama, 42-21 (1982)
Alabama, 24-3 (2010)
Longest win streak Alabama, 4
Current win streak Alabama, 2

The Alabama–Penn State football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Alabama Crimson Tide football team of the University of Alabama and Penn State Nittany Lions football team of Pennsylvania State University.[1] Dormant since 1990, the series was renewed in 2010 in Tuscaloosa and then 2011 in State College.[2][3][4]

This is one of the few Alabama rivalries in which no games were forfeited or vacated by Alabama. Likewise, this is one of the few Penn State rivalries which does not involve any vacated Penn State games.

Game results[edit]

Alabama victories are colored ██ crimson. Penn State victories are colored ██ blue.

Date Location Winner Score Series
December 19, 1959 Philadelphia, PA Penn State 7–0A PSU 1–0
December 31, 1975 New Orleans, LA Alabama 13–6B Tied 1–1
January 1, 1979 New Orleans, LA Alabama 14–7C Bama 2–1
November 14, 1981 State College, PA Alabama 31–16 Bama 3–1
October 9, 1982 Birmingham, AL Alabama 42–21 Bama 4–1
October 8, 1983 State College, PA Penn State 34–28 Bama 4–2
October 13, 1984 Tuscaloosa, AL Alabama 6–0 Bama 5–2
October 12, 1985 State College, PA Penn State 19–17 Bama 5–3
October 25, 1986 Tuscaloosa, AL Penn State 23–3 Bama 5–4
September 12, 1987 State College, PA Alabama 24–13 Bama 6–4
October 22, 1988 Birmingham, AL Alabama 8–3 Bama 7–4
October 28, 1989 State College, PA Alabama 17–16 Bama 8–4
October 27, 1990 Tuscaloosa, AL Penn State 9–0 Bama 8–5
September 11, 2010 Tuscaloosa, AL Alabama 24–3 Bama 9–5
September 10, 2011 State College, PA Alabama 27–11 Bama 10–5

A 1959 Liberty Bowl
B 1975 Sugar Bowl
C 1979 Sugar Bowl

Series record source: 2011 Alabama Football Media Guide,[5] and College Football Data Warehouse.[6]

Notable games[edit]

1959 Liberty Bowl[edit]

Main article: 1959 Liberty Bowl

1975 Sugar Bowl[edit]

Main article: 1975 Sugar Bowl

1979 Sugar Bowl[edit]

Main article: 1979 Sugar Bowl

Alabama scored in the second quarter, then Penn State answered in the third, then Alabama took a 14–7 lead on a touchdown set up by a 62-yard punt return.[7] Penn State had a chance to tie in the fourth, but Chuck Fusina threw an interception into the Alabama end zone. Then the Crimson Tide had a chance to put the game away, but fumbled the football back to Penn State at the Nittany Lion 19-yard-line with four minutes to go. Penn State drove to a first and goal at the Alabama eight. On third and goal from the one, Fusina asked Bama linebacker Marty Lyons "What do you think we should do?", and Lyons answered "You'd better pass." On third down, Penn State was stopped inches short of the goal line.[7] On fourth down, Penn State was stopped again, Barry Krauss meeting Mike Guman and throwing him back for no gain.[7] Alabama held on for a 14–7 victory.[7]


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