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State Route 118 marker

State Route 118
Route information
Maintained by ALDOT
Length: 64 mi[1] (103 km)
Major junctions
West end: US 278 at Mississippi state line west of Sulligent
  US-43 / US-278 / SR-142 / SR-171 in Guin
US-43 / SR-171 / SR-253 in Winfield
Future I‑22 / US-78 / SR-4 east-southeast of Carbon Hill
East end: SR-69 in Jasper
Counties: Lamar, Marion, Walker
Highway system
  • Alabama State Routes
SR-117 SR-119

State Route 118 (SR-118) is a state highway in the northwestern part of the U.S. state of Alabama. It is a 57.4-mile-long (92.4 km) route. Prior to the completion of sections of Interstate 22 (I-22), SR-118 served only as the unsigned partner route of U.S. Route 278 (US-278) between the Mississippi state line, west-southwest of Sulligent, and Guin. As new sections of I-22 have opened, US-78 has been rerouted onto the new limited-access highway, and the old sections of US-78 have been designated as SR-118, thus extending the route eastward by nearly 40 miles (64 km). The current eastern terminus of the route is in the western part of Jasper, at the junction with SR-69.

Route description[edit]

Much of SR-118 is aligned along narrow two-lane road. At Carbon Hill, the route briefly expands to four lanes, only to revert to a two-lane road as it heads southeasterly towards Jasper. SR-118 starts at US 278 at the Mississippi state line, passing US 43/SR-171. It junctions I-22 east of Carbon Hill and again west of Jasper before it ends at SR-69.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[2] km Destinations Notes
Monroe   0.0 0.0 US 278 west – Amory Western terminus; US 278 continues into Mississippi.
Alabama state line
Lamar   1.3 2.1 CR-21 south (Shake Rag Road) Northern terminus of CR-21
Sulligent 5.7 9.2 SR-17 – Vernon, Hamilton
  9.0 14.5 CR-77 (Crews Road/Mt. Hebron Road)
Beaverton 12.8 20.6 CR-49
Marion   17.8 28.6 SR-142 east – Guin Western terminus of SR-142
Guin 19.4 31.2 SR-107 south – Fayette Northern terminus of SR-107
19.5 31.4 CR-69 east Western terminus of CR-69
19.7 31.7 US-43 north / US-278 east / SR-171 north / SR-142 west (11th Avenue) – Hamilton Eastern end of US-278 concurrency; western end of US-43/SR-171 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR-142
20.1 32.3 SR-44 east – Yampertown Western terminus of SR-44
20.9 33.6 CR-21 north Southern terminus of CR-21
Gu-Win 22.7 36.5 CR-27
Winfield 24.6 39.6 CR-69 south Northern terminus of CR-69
26.0 41.8 CR-28 south Northern terminus of CR-28
26.2 42.2 US-43 south / SR-171 south / SR-253 north – Fayette, Twin Eastern end of US-43/SR-171 concurrency; southern terminus of SR-253
28.2 45.4 SR-129 north – Haleyville Western end of SR-129 concurrency
28.9 46.5 CR-31 south (Cambridge Drive) Northern terminus of SR-31
29.6 47.6 SR-129 south – Glen Allen Eastern end of SR-129 concurrency
  29.8 48.0 CR-60 north Southern terminus of CR-60
  32.7 52.6 SR-233 – Glen Allen, Rock City
Walker Eldridge 37.8 60.8 SR-13 to US-78 (Corridor X) – Haleyville
Carbon Hill 44.2 71.1 CR-11
  47.8 76.9 SR-124 east – Townley Western terminus of SR-124
  49.4 79.5 Future I‑22 / US-78 / SR-4 – Hamilton, Birmingham US-78/SR-4 (Future I-22), exit 52
Jasper 57.4 92.4 SR-69 south to SR-269 Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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