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State Route 17 marker

State Route 17
Route information
Maintained by ALDOT
Length: 346.562 mi[1] (557.737 km)
Major junctions
South end: US-45 / US-98 / SR-42 in Mobile
  I‑65 at Mobile
I‑20 / I‑59 in York
US-82 / SR-6 in Reform
Future I‑22 / US-78 / SR-4 / SR-138 in Hamilton
US-72 / SR-2 in Florence
North end: SR 13 at Tennessee state line north of Zip City
Counties: Mobile, Washington, Choctaw, Sumter, Pickens, Lamar, Marion, Franklin, Colbert, Lauderdale
Highway system
  • Alabama State Routes
SR-16 SR-18

State Route 17, or SR-17, is a 346.6-mile-long (557.8 km) state route that runs the virtual length of the state. Between Mobile and Deer Park in Washington County, SR-17 is the unsigned partner route assigned to U.S. Highway 45, and from Hamilton to Florence, it serves as the signed partner route assigned to U.S. Highway 43.

Route description[edit]

The southern terminus of SR-17 and US-45 is at their junction with U.S. Highway 98 and unsigned State Route 42 in Mobile. US-45 and SR-17 assume a northwestwardly trajectory as they leave Mobile heading towards the Mississippi state line. Approximately five miles north of an interchange with Interstate 65 northwest of downtown Mobile, the routes quickly enter rural areas of Mobile County via a two-lane highway. Near the small community of Deer Park in southern Washington County, SR-17 diverts from US-45 and becomes a signed route.

After the split from US-45, SR-17 assumes a general northerly orientation as it passes through rural areas and small towns in western Alabama. The route passes through the Black Belt, historically one of the poorer areas of the state. After leaving Mobile, the route does not pass through any towns whose population exceeds 5,000 until it approaches Hamilton in Marion County. At Hamilton, SR-17 once again becomes an unsigned route upon the second junction it has with U.S. Highway 43; US-45 and SR-17 are the southern terminus of US-43 in Mobile.

Between Hamilton and Muscle Shoals, SR-17 is a signed route. At Muscle Shoals, US-43, SR-17 and SR-13 junction with U.S. Highway 72 and several other state routes. At this point, SR-17 once again becomes a signed route as it leads through Muscle Shoals and Florence as it heads towards its northern terminus at the Tennessee state line, where it becomes Tennessee State Route 13.


State Route 17 was designated in 1940 between Kennedy and York. In 1952, the route was extended south to Mobile; from York to Deer Park State Route 29 was renumbered as part of SR-17, and from Deer Park to Mobile the route ran together with U.S. Route 45. SR-17 was extended north to the Tennessee state line in 1956. To accomplish this, SR-17 replaced old State Route 19 up to Hamilton, was co-signed with U.S. Route 43 up to Florence, and replaced old State Route 34 the rest of the way to the Tennessee state line.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Mobile Mobile 0.000 0.000 US-45 begins / US-98 Southern end of US-45 overlap
Prichard 4.340 6.985 I‑65 Exit 6 along I-65
6.297 10.134 SR-213 north
6.477 10.424 SR-217 north
9.618 15.479 SR-158 Interchange
Washington Deer Park 43.054 69.289 US-45 north Northern end of US-45 overlap
Chatom 59.848 96.316 SR-56 east Southern end of SR-56 overlap
59.897 96.395 SR-56 west Northern end of SR-56 overlap
Choctaw Silas 84.206 135.516 US-84
Butler 108.735 174.992 SR-10
Jachin 119.536 192.375 SR-156 east
Sumter   136.581 219.806 US-80 Interchange
York 140.392 225.939 US-11
142.717 229.681 I‑20 / I‑59 Exit 8 along I-20 / I-59
  151.013 243.032 SR-28 east
  162.215 261.060 SR-116 east – Gainesville
Pickens   179.671 289.152 SR-32 west
Aliceville 189.116 304.353 SR-14 west Western end of SR-14 overlap
189.402 304.813 SR-14 east Eastern end of SR-14 overlap
Carrollton 199.975 321.829 SR-86 west Southern end of SR-86 overlap
200.030 321.917 SR-86 east Northern end of SR-86 overlap
Reform 209.739 337.542 US-82 west Western end of US-82 overlap
209.881 337.771 US-82 east Eastern end of US-82 overlap
Lamar Kennedy 224.585 361.435 SR-96 east Eastern end of SR-96 overlap
Millport 228.843 368.287 SR-96 west Western end of SR-96 overlap
Vernon 243.195 391.384 SR-18
Sulligent 254.004 408.780 US-278
  266.778 429.338 SR-19 north
Marion   274.006 440.970 I‑22 / US-78 Exit 11 along I-22 / US 78
Hamilton 277.539 446.656
US-43 south / US-78 Alt. east / US-278 west
Southern end of US-43, US-78 Alternate, and US-278 overlaps
277.871 447.190
US-78 Alt. west / US-278 east
Northern end of US-78 Alternate and US-278 overlaps
  283.176 455.728 SR-187 north
Hackleburg 291.677 469.409 SR-172 / SR-253 south
Franklin   301.661 485.476 SR-13 Southern end of SR-13 overlap
Russellville 308.255 496.088 SR-24 Interchange
Colbert Muscle Shoals 325.257 523.450
US-72 west / US-72 Alt. east / SR-20 east – Corinth, Tuscumbia, Decatur
Southern end of US-72 / SR-20 overlap
328.585 528.806 SR-184 east
Tennessee River 330.265 531.510 O'Neal Bridge
Lauderdale Florence 331.012 532.712 SR-20 west Interchange; northern end of SR-20 overlap
332.850 535.670 US-43 north / US-72 east / SR-13 north
SR-157 south
Interchange; northern end of US-43, US-72, and SR-13 overlaps; southern end of SR-157 overlap
335.030 539.179 SR-133 south Eastern end of SR-133 overlap
335.368 539.722 SR-133 north / SR-157 north Northern end of SR-157 overlap; western end of SR-133 overlap
  346.562 557.737 SR 13 north Continuation into Tennessee
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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