Alabat Island

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Alabat Island
Church of San Diego de Alcala.jpg
Gumaca, Quezon, It was built in 1582, and its relocation to the island of Alabat in 1638 then to its present site after being razed by Dutch invaders in 1665
Archipelago Philippines
Area 192 km2 (74 sq mi)
Province Quezon
Population 41822

Alabat Island is an island of the Philippine archipelago, in the Quezon Province of the CALABARZON region, situated just off the East coast of Southern Luzon. The island has an area of 192 km2( 74 mi2) and a population of 41,822.

The location of Alabat Island in Philippine province of Quezon

Alabat Island is composed of 3 municipalities, Perez in the Northern tip, Alabat town proper in the center and Quezon in the South.

The island is located in the Lamon Bay and (33 km long) has an extensive mangrove fringe along its southwest shore, with several hundred hectares of intertidal mudflats exposed at low tide. Large portions of the original mangrove forest have been degraded or completely destroyed for the construction of fish and shrimp ponds.

Alabat enjoys a humid tropical climate with no dry season, but a very pronounced period of maximum rainfall from November to January.

Coordinates: 14°07′N 122°03′E / 14.117°N 122.050°E / 14.117; 122.050