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Alaltun or Alaltun bekhi was a daughter of Genghis Khan and his first wife Börte.


The children of Börte were given more power than those of the other wives of Genghis Khan. Only sons of her line could become Great Khan. Their daughters were also given husbands of tribes important to the expansion of the Mongol Empire and they were expected to aid their father by taking over power their while their husbands served him as his gurugen, or son-in-laws.

Ruler of the Uyghurs[edit]

The Uyghurs were enemies of the Western Liao and their chieftain requested a marriage alliance with Genghis Khan, hoping to become a 'fifth son' to him.[1] He was invited to meet the Khan in person and his alliance was then accepted. When Genghis Khan sent Alaltün to live with the Uyghurs, he made it clear that her first duty was to the Mongol Nation. She was expected to co-administer as her husband served her father. The land of the Uyghurs held sophisticated cities and markets along the Silk Route.

Since several of his daughters now held sway over a string of kingdoms on the Silk Route, traffic there went faster than before, which worked to the benefit of the Mongols. The Uyghur lands then became the communication center of the Mongolian Empire, with Uyghurs working as translators, scribes and clerks.[2]


After the death of her brother Ögedei Khan in 1241, she was accused of poisoning him by someone of his faction and executed without trail. Ögedei's daughter Alajin Beki assumed power over the Uyghurs. Alaltün's execution without trial was later condemned by her nephew Kublai Khan, since this went against the mandates of Genghis Khan.[3]


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