Alameda Municipal Power

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Alameda Municipal Power
Industry Electric Utilities
Founded July 11, 1887 (1887-07-11)
Headquarters Alameda, CA
Products electricity
Headquarters on Grand Street; November 22, 2012

Alameda Municipal Power (formerly Alameda Power & Telecom) is a municipal utility serving the City of Alameda, California. Founded in 1887,[1] it provides electricity to approximately 34,000 residential, commercial, and municipal customers.

Known as being "The Greenest Little Utility in America," over 80% of Alameda Municipal Power's portfolio consists of renewable resources, including geothermal, hydroelectric, landfill gas, wind, and solar facilities.[1][citation needed]

Alameda residents pay no premium for this renewable power, and electric rates are typically lower than in surrounding communities. Alameda Municipal Power utility also provides a revenue stream to the City of Alameda, supporting municipal services and economic development efforts.[citation needed]

As Alameda Power & Telecom, the utility previously provided Cable TV and high-speed Internet services to city residents; their system was acquired by Comcast on November 21, 2008.[citation needed]


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