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Alan Cameron (born March 13, 1938) is a British classicist, Charles Anthon Professor of the Latin Language and Literature at Columbia University.

Cameron gained a BA from Oxford University, and his MA in 1964. He has taught at Columbia University since 1977. In March 1997 he was awarded the American Philological Association's Goodwin Award of Merit in classical scholarship.

His books include:

  • Claudian: Poetry and Propaganda at the Court of Honorius (1970)
  • Porphyrius the Charioteer (1973)
  • Circus Factions: Blues and Greens at Rome and Byzantium (1976)
  • Barbarians and Politics at the Court of Arcadius (May 1992)(with Jacqueline Long, Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Texas at Austin)
  • The Greek Anthology: From Meleager to Planudes (OUP 1993)
  • Callimachus and his Critics (1995)
  • Greek Mythography in the Roman World (OUP Sep 2004) (enthusiastically reviewed by T P Wiseman in the Times Literary Supplement, 13 May 2005 page 29)
  • The Last Pagans of Rome (2011)

Other works:

  • Crantor and Posidonius on Atlantis (Classical Quarterly No. 33, 1983, pp. 81-91)

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