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Mr. Alan Paul Haskvitz is a teacher and author(7 September 1942 ).[1] He has been inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame and was named as a "Hero in Education" by Reader's Digest.[citation needed] He currently teaches eighth grade history at Suzanne Middle School in Walnut, California. He has been rated on a teacher rating website (see, and has been featured in many articles as well. His career as an educator has spanned 30+ years. Haskvitz is notable for introducing "quality circles"[citation needed] into the education field and for being one of the first to actively promote "service learning" as part of the social science curriculum.[citation needed] He has been selected six times as one of the best teachers in the United States.[citation needed] He is also considered a distinguished alumni by Alma Mater Cal Poly Pomona[2] He also was selected one of the 100 Most Important Education in the world.

Teaching and awards[edit]

Haskvitz's qualifications include the teaching of history, journalism, English, social studies, art, business, computers, museumology, and Asian Studies. He is considered an expert in dealing with exceptionally gifted children.[3] He has credentials from Canada, New York, and California.[citation needed]

Haskvitz's honors include:[citation needed]

  • National Teachers Hall of Fame inductee (1997)
  • USA Today "First Team All American Teacher"
  • Reader's Digest "Hero in Education"
  • Learning magazine's "Professional Best"
  • National Middle Level Teacher of the Year
  • Christa McAuliffe National Award.
  • Golden Bell Award winner, 1987.1997.2007 California School Board Association
  • International Teacher of the Year Social Studies


Haskvitz has written a book: Motorvation: A Math Book for the Unmotivated and is a columnist for Education News. His students’ work was selected by Oregon Trail and California Oregon Trails for their sites

Haskvitz has published numerous articles. Horace Mann website,, has over 8000 free resources for students, teachers, and parents.

Copied below is from the website:

Alan Haskvitz teaches at Suzanne Middle School in Walnut, Calif., and makes staff development presentations nationwide. In addition, he serves as: an audio-visual evaluator and design consultant for his county department of education, a tutor to multi-cultural students in English and art and an Internet consultant.

Haskvitz's career spans more than 30 years, and he has taught every grade level and core subject. He has been recognized repeatedly for innovative teaching and has received the following honors, among many:

  • Three Golden Bells from CSBA
  • USA Today All Star Teacher
  • 100 Most Influential Educators
  • Reader's Digest Hero in Education
  • Learning Magazine's Professional Best
  • National Middle Level Teacher of the Year
  • National Exemplary Teacher
  • Christa McAuliffe National Award
  • Robert Cherry International Award for Great Teachers

%100 Top Educators in the World

In addition, Haskvitz publishes articles on successful educational practices and speaks at conferences. He has served on seven national committees and boards.

Haskvitz maintains credentials and training in special and gifted education, history, administration, bilingual education, journalism, English, social studies, art, business, computers, museumology and Asian studies. He holds these credentials for Canada, New York and California. His experience also includes staff development, gifted curriculum design, administration, community relations and motivation. His background includes 10 years of university education.

As a teacher, Haskvitz's curriculum increased CAP/CLAS test scores from the 22nd percentile to the 94th percentile, the largest gain in California history. In addition, Haskvitz and his students work continuously to improve their school and community. His students' work is often selected for awards in competitions in several subject areas. For more details about Alan and his students' work, visit his Ringleader page on The Educational CyberPlayground

He is currently a teacher at Suzanne Middle in Walnut, California as an 8th grade history teacher.


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