Alan R. Moon

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Alan R. Moon
Alan R. Moon playing his game, Ticket to Ride at Origins, 5 July 2007
Born Southampton, England
Nationality American
Occupation Board Game Designer
Moon's Santa Fe Rails in play.

Alan R. Moon (born 18 November 1951) is an author of board games, born in Southampton, England, and currently living in the United States. He is generally considered to be one of the foremost designers of German-style board games. Many of his games can be seen as board game variations on the travelling salesman problem.

Alan R. Moon initially worked for Avalon Hill and later Parker Brothers. He started his own publishing company, White Wind in 1990. He now publishes his games through other companies, such as Ravensburger and Days of Wonder.

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a full list is available from Moon's website in the external links section.

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