Alarm für Cobra 11: Highway Nights

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Cobra 11: Highway Nights (Crash Time III)
Crash Time III Coverart.png
Developer(s) Synetic
Publisher(s) RTL
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
Release date(s) November 27, 2009
Genre(s) Racing

Alarm für Cobra 11: Highway Nights (also known as Crash Time III) is a racing video game developed by Synetic Games and published by RTL. It is the third game adapted from the Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei television series. The game was launched on November 27, 2009 for Xbox 360 and PC.


The story is about Semir Gerkhan and Ben Jager (the duo from the previous game, Burning Wheels) who are assigned to infiltrate terrorist activity in the city and the Autobahn. The vehicles are fictitious, but resemble some famous cars. All of the cars have a generic C11 emblem (and/or the word Cobra) and a numberplate which starts with the initials SY, representing Synetic Games as the creator. Usually, the cars comes in 3 types, and the third type of the car is usually the tuned-up version of the car itself. The game consists of more than 70 missions, an area of 32 square kilometers (the city itself is loosely based on the city of Berlin) with more than 200 kilometers of city streets and Autobahn, 47 vehicles to choose from, Story Mode with dense story atmosphere, a dynamic in-car pathfinder function, and a typical ambiance of the series, with explosive crashes and high speed chases.


Players of this game not only have to absolve tasks, but they have to do it as good as possible. The missions are rated up to five stars. The players lose a star if their tries, shots, tasks, or time doesn't stay within certain limits. Not only do the stars affect your gameplay, but they also affect their overall rating as well; if they complete their missions without receiving any stars (or with a low quantity of stars), their rating will be affected negatively.


There are a few things you can do with suspects when you drive up to them on patrol, but in the missions, you have to do a specific task with the suspect. The suspect vehicles use the path-finder system as well, so the path they use isn't the same.

  • Pursuit; Chase down the suspect. You arrest him by either shooting his car, totaling it, or using the PIT maneuver (hitting the back-end at the side to put the suspect into a spin.) and stopping in front of him. For some specific missions, you can use the drone to destroy the suspect vehicle.
  • Shadowing; Keeping your distance from the suspect. They must not get too close, nor they drive too far. Don't make too much noise, either (ex. blaring your horn or crashing into too many traffic cars or obstacles). DO NOT turn on the police lights and the siren. Also, make sure that you don't bump the suspect, as that can be a dead giveaway. If you wait a while as you're shadowing the suspect, the meter on the top left corner decreases in the level where the suspect notices you.
  • Race; If this happens during patrol, you have to drive to a specific place and stop there before the suspect does.

Graphics and effects[edit]

While the traffic vehicles are low in quality, they more than make up for that when it comes to the explosions. If you crash into a car at a speed more than 100 km/h (62 mph), the traffic car explodes, and when the cars explode near more vehicles, you get a chain of explosions. The cars you drive (ranging from Semir's signature BMW 330i E90 to the classic Mercedes C350 W204 driven by Ben, along with the slow, yet powerful and resistant Rosenbauer Panther and the precise-handling, high-speed, and very powerful Formula C11 Racer) are very good in quality, and while Synetic's crash physics can sometimes become non-realistic, the scratches on the cars and shattered glass make up for that, giving the game more realism.


The game demo limits you to 3 missions on the Highway and 10 cars to select.


How it All Began (Wie Alles Beginnt)[edit]

How the story begins.

1. Step On It! (Gib Gas!): Ben and Semir try to stop a terrorist from blowing up an airplane, along with the president of Germany, but it is too late...

2. Good Morning (Guten Morgen): We start the story from 7 days earlier. You drive Semir's car on the autobahn on your way to the police station. Then you have to drive to the Large Rest Stop on the autobahn within 1 minute and 10 seconds without damaging your car over 6% and damaging property to costs up to 2K in Euros.

3. Rico the Car Thief (Rico: die Autodiebe): You receive a call about a stolen vehicle on the autobahn. Semir and Ben negotiate on how to stop the car. You have to give the car 4 (easy), 5 (normal), or 6 (hard) mild collisions. You arrest the criminal and make your way to the police station whilst questioning him on the ride.

On-the-Job Training[edit]

Semir and Ben get a call from a friendly officer (Mike), and find out that they have to go to a training exercise on the autobahn. The autobahn will be open for a few hours due to nearby construction.

1. Pull Over: You are taught how to stop a criminal.

  • Drive alongside them until they stop.
  • Mild collisions.
  • PIT maneuver.

2. Shooting: You continue your training with shooting.

3. The Drone: You use the drone to detonate 2 cars.

The Conference[edit]

Early Arrival: Semir and Ben are required to escort a delegation from South Africa arriving to the World Economic Summit. When their escort is interrupted by three muscle cars that are trying to demolish the limousine they're escorting, Semir and Ben are to stop the crooks by any means necessary (without using the drone).