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The Alaska Folk Festival is an annual celebration of music by folk from Alaska, the Northwestern United States, Canada, and further. It is held in Juneau, Alaska, most commonly during the second week of April.

It includes performances from a wide variety of solo artists and musical groups, and it provides workshops for people interested in the music. There are also dances, jams, singer/songwriter showcases and other events. All events are free to the public. This festival is supported solely by volunteers and donations. There are no auditions for the acts, anyone can apply. Each act is 15 minutes long. There are 9 concerts over 7 days with about 15 acts in each concert.

Each year we hire one Guest Artist group. They are contracted to play two 45-minute sets on the main stage, sometimes a dance set, provide workshops, and jam with folks around town.

The only limitation on musical style is the 15 minutes allocated for each act. Since the setup time must also fit into the 15 minutes, complicated setups are not a good idea, and may not be allowed. Performers include poets and dancers as well as musicians.

The 40th annual Alaska Folk Festival is scheduled for April 7-13, 2014. The Alaska Folk Festival is very pleased to announce Ketchikan artist Ray Troll as the poster artist for the 40th folk festival. Infamous for his fishy t-shirts and renowned for his unique blend of art and science, Troll has been a major presence on the art scene in Alaska for the last 30 years.

This year's guest artists are the Cajun band Bonsoir, Catin from southern Louisiana. You are likely to hear a wide variety of Cajun music styles during their set.

This year's guest dance band is the Gallus Brothers. Their sets are a mix of country blues, old tin pan alley songs, mandolin and fiddle tunes, and a dash of danger by way of acrobatic antics.

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The Alaska Folk Festival, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the encouragement, support and perpetuation of folk music in Alaska.