Alaska Naval Militia

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Alaska Naval Militia
Active 1984 – Present (currently inactive)
Country  United States
Allegiance  Alaska
Branch Navy
Type Naval militia
Role Military reserve force
Part of Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

The Alaska Naval Militia (AKNM) is the official naval militia of the state of Alaska. The Alaska Naval Militia falls under control of the state of Alaska but is partially equipped and regulated by the federal government. The legal basis for the naval militia comes from both federal and state law.[1][2]


The Alaska Naval Militia was established in 1984.[3] In 1989, the AKNM was deployed to assist in recovery operations after the Exxon Valdez oil spill.[4]


The AKNM has focused on four mission areas:

  • Medical: Comprehensive medical support, provided by medical, nursing, and paramedical personnel.
  • Explosive outload team: Specialized cargo handling, with an emphasis on ordnance, provided by trained stevedores, cargo handlers, and safety officers.
  • Reconnaissance: Route reconnaissance and port security, provided by Marines trained in SOF skills and associated field corpsmen.
  • Naval construction: Tactical construction, security support, and basic services operations, provided by construction personnel and engineers.[3]


Unlike state defense forces, naval militias are partially regulated and equipped by the federal government, and as such, membership requirements are in part dictated by federal rules. Under 10 U.S. Code § 7854, in order to be eligible for federal aid, at least 95% of members of the naval militia must also be members of the United States Navy Reserve or the United States Marine Corps Reserve.[5] As such, Alaska law requires that membership be limited to members of the United States Naval Reserve or the United States Marine Corps Reserve.[2]


Under federal law, the naval militias of each state may be loaned or given vessels, arms, and equipment from the United States Navy and Marine Corps, and have use of facilities made available to the Navy Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy.[1]


While the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs maintains the Naval Militia under their command, the Militia has all but inactivated. The state has not utilized the Naval Militia for years and most likely will not anytime soon.[citation needed] The State has also lessened the capabilities and usage of the Alaska State Defense Force as the Adjutant General at the time, MG Katkus, was against using the state forces when funding could be used more towards the National Guard, specifically the Army National Guard of which he served in.[citation needed]


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