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The Alavi Bohras are a Taiyabi Mustaali Ismaili Shi'i Muslim community from Gujarat, India. In India, during the time of the 18th Fatimid Imam Ma'ad al-Mustansir Billah around 1093 AD, the designated learned people (wulaat) who were sent from Yemen by the celebrated missionaries under the guidance of the Imam established a Dawah in Khambhat.

After the division of the Mustaalid community, the Yemenite Dawah followed at-Tayyib Abi l-Qasim as their Imam, and the Bohras are the modern descendants of Taiyabi converts and immigrants.

Subsequently, splits occurred at various instances in the mainstream Bohra community regarding the spiritual appointment in the succession of the representative of the Imam or Da’i in Ahmedabad between 1422-1640 AD. Two major splits during this period resulted in the formation of three major groups of Bohras: Alavis, Dawoodis and Sulaymanis.


One Dai succeeded another until the 23rd Dai in Yemen. In India also Wali-ul-Hind were appointed by them one after another until Wali-ul-Hind Moulai Jafer, Moulai Abdul Wahab and Moulai Qasim Khan bin Hasan (11th and last Wali-ul-Hind, d.950AH, Ahmedabad). The last three wali were of great help in the era of the 21st to 24th Dai. It was during this time when the Dawat was transferred to India from Yemen, that the 23rd Dai-al-Mutlaq Mohammed Ezzuddin performed nass (transfer of authority) on Yusuf Najmuddin ibn Sulaiman in Sidhpur, Gujrat, India.

Due to persecution by the local Zaydi Shi'a ruler in Yemen, the 24th Dai, Yusuf Najmuddin bin Sulayman (d.1567 AD), shifted the whole administration of the Dawat (mission) to India but continued to live in Yemen and died there. The 25th Dai Jalal Shamshuddin (d.1567 AD) was first dai to die in India; his mausoleum is in Ahmedabad, India. Dai Jalal's tenure as Dai was very short, only a few months, but before that he was Wali-ul Hind (after Moulai Qasim) for about 20 years under 24th Dai Yusuf while the Dai was in Yemen.

Following the death of the 26th Dai in 1591 CE, there was a dispute as to who was to succeed him. Suleman bin Hasan, the grandson of 24th Dai, was wali in Yemen and claimed the succession, supported by the other Yemeni Bohra. However, the Indian Bohra denied his claim of nass, declaring supporting documentation to be forged. The two factions separated, with the followers of Suleman becoming the Sulaymanis, and the followers of Dawood Bin Qutubshah becoming the Dawoodi Bohra.

Again in the period of the 29th Dai Abduttayyeb Zakiuddin, a small group of Alavi Bohra separated from Dawoodi Bohra under Ali bin Ibrahim (1046 AH/1637 AD), the grandson of 28th Dai Sheikh Adam Safiyuddin.

The Da'i of the present time i.e. the representative (naa'ib) of Imaam uz-Zamaan (the imaam in the progeny of Imaam Taiyeb), Saiyedna Abu Hatim Taiyeb Ziyauddin. Vadodara is the center of Davat for Alavi Bohras.

List of Alavi Bohra Dais[edit]




25. SAIYEDNA FAKHRUDDIN JALAAL BIN HASAN (Q.R.) Death :- 16th Rabi ‘al- Akhar 975 A.H. – 19/10/1567 A.D. Period :- 4 months.

26. SAIYEDNA DAWOODJI BURHAANUDDIN BIN ‘AJABSHAH (Q.R.) Death :- 27th Rabi ' al- Akhar 999 A.H. – 21/2/1591 A.D. Period :- 24 yrs.

27. SAIYEDNA DAWOODJI BURHAANUDDIN BIN ‘QUTUBSHAH (Q.R.) Death :- 15th Jamadi al- Akhar 1021 A.H. – 12/8/1612 A.D. Period :- 22 yrs.

28. SAIYEDNA SHAIKH AADAM SAFIYUDDIN BIN TAIYABSHAH (Q.R.) Death :- 7th Rajab 1030 A.H. – 27/5/1621 A.D. Period :- 9 yrs.

29. SAIYEDNA ALI SHAMSUDDIN AL-SHAHEED BIN IBRAHIM BIN SAIYEDNA SHAIKH ADAM SAFIYUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 23rd Zilqaad 1046 A.H. – 17/4/1637 A.D. Period :- 16 yrs.

He was the 1st Da'i ul Mutlaq of ALAVI DA'WAT in India who gave his life for "Haqq" and "Da'wat" and was martyred.

30. SAIYEDNA TAIYAB ZAKIYUDDIN BIN SHAIKH ADAM SAFIYUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 13th Ramzan 1047 A.H. – 27/1/1638 A.D. Period :- 9 m. 20 days.

31. SAIYEDNA HASAN BADRUDDIN BIN WALI (Q.R.) Death :- 19th Rabi ' al- Akhar 1090 A.H. – 29/5/1679 A.D. Period :- 42 yrs.

Vadodara: -

32. SAIYEDNA ZIYAUDDIN JIVABHAI BIN SAIYEDI NUHJI (Q.R.) Death : - 10th Zilqaad 1130 A.H. (Al Bustaan al- Badri). – 4/10/1718 A.D. Period :- 40 yrs.

33. SAIYEDNA MO'AYYEDUDDIN HEBATULLAAH BIN SAIYEDNA ZIYAUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 17th Rajab 1151 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri). – 30/10/ 1738 A.D . Period :- 20 yrs.

34. SAIYEDNA SHEHABUDDIN JALAL BIN SAIYEDI NUHJI (Q.R.) Death :- 14th Safar 1158 A.H. (Jannat al- Mu'meneen) - 17/3/1745 A.D. Period :- 6 yrs. 7 m.

35. SAIYEDNA NURUDDIN NOORBHAI BIN SHAIKHALI (Q.R.) Death :- 9th Moharram 1178 A.H. (SURAT) – 7/7/ 1764 A.D. Period :- 19 yrs. 11m.

36. SAIYEDNA HAMIDUDDIN SHAMSUDDIN BIN SAIYEDNA HEBATULLAH (Q.R.) Death :- 26th Shabaan 1189 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ) – 20/10/1775 A.D. Period :- 11 yrs.

37. SAIYEDNA SHAMSUDDIN SHAIKHALI BIN SAIYEDNA SHAMSUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 25th Rajab 1248 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ) – 17/12/1832 A.D. Period :- 59 yrs .

38. SAIYEDNA HAMIDUDDIN SHAMSUDDIN BIN SAIYEDNA SHAIKHALI (Q.R.) Death :- 30th Ramzan 1252 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ). – 7/1/1837 A.D. Period :- 4 yrs.

39. SAIYEDNA MUFIDUDDIN NAJMUDDIN BIN SAIYEDNA SHAIKHALI (Q.R.) Death :- 6th Rajab 1282 A.H. ( Jannat al- Mu'meneen ). – 24/11/1865 A.D. Period :- 29 yrs. 10 m.

40. SAIYEDNA AMEENUDDIN AMIRUDDIN BIN SAIYEDNA NAJMUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 18th Zilhajj 1296 A.H. ( Jannat al- Mu'meneen ). - 2/12/1879 A.D. Period :- 14 yrs.

41. SAIYEDNA FAKHRUDDIN JIVABHAI BIN SAIYEDNA AMIRUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 20th Shawwal 1347 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ). – 30/3/1929 A.D. Period :- 50 yrs. 10m.

42. SAIYEDNA BADRUDDIN FIDAALI BIN SAIYEDNA FAKHRUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 8th Shabaan 1377 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ) – 26/2/1958 A.D. Period :- 29 yrs. 9 m.

43. SAIYEDNA NURUDDIN YUSUF BIN SAIYEDNA BADRUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 17th Rajab 1394 A.H. (Mazaar-e-Yusufi, Al- Masjid al- Noorani) 5/8/1974 A.D. Period :- 16 yrs. 11 m.


SAIYEDNA WA MAULAANA ABU HAATIM TAIYEB ZIYAUDDIN SAHEB (Tawwalallaaho 'Umrahu ash- Shareef) is the 44th Da'i ul-Mutlaq al-Fatemi al-Husaini (Spiritual & Temporal Head) of al-Jamaa'at ul-'Alaviyah in succession from the 1st Dai ul-Mutlaq SAIYEDNA ZOEB BIN MOOSA (QR), through the tradition of ‘NASS'. He has completed 36 yrs as Da'i ul-Mutlaq.

SAIYEDI WA MAULAAI HAATIM ZAKIYUDDIN SAHEB (Daamallaaho Majdahu) is the ‘Mazoon' and ‘Mansoos' of ad-Da'wat ul-'Alaviyah. Saiyedna Saheb (TUS) did Nass-e-Jali on him on 4th Rabi' ul-Aakhar 1404 AH – 07/01/1984 AD at Masjid un-Nooraani . Mazoon ud-Da'wat il-'Alaviyah is the eldest son of Saiyedna Saheb.

SAIYEDI WA MAULAAI MOHAMMAD BHAISAHEB NURUDDIN (Zaadallaaho 'Ilmahu) is the ‘Mukaasir ud-Da'wat il-'Alaviyah' and SHAHZAADAH DR. ZULQARNAIN BHAISAHEB HAKEEMUDDIN is Ra's ul-Hudood of ad-Da'wat ul-'Alaviyah.

Vadodara city (Gujarat State) is the centre (markaz) of Ad-Da'wat ul-Haadiyat ul-'Alaviyah since 325 yrs.

Emergence of Alavi Bohras out of Ismailism[edit]

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Alavi Bohras are marked as dark blue

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