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The Alavi Bohras are a Taiyabi Mustaali Ismaili Shi'i Muslim community from Gujarat, India. In India, during the time of the 18th Fatimid Imam Ma'ad al-Mustansir Billah around 1093 AD, the designated learned people (wulaat) who were sent from Yemen by the celebrated missionaries under the guidance of the Imam established a Dawah in Khambhat.

After the division of the Mustaalid community, the Yemenite Dawah followed at-Tayyib Abi l-Qasim as their Imam, and the Bohras are the modern descendants of Taiyabi converts and immigrants.

Subsequently, splits occurred at various instances in the mainstream Bohra community regarding the spiritual appointment in the succession of the representative of the Imam or Da’i in Ahmedabad between 1422-1640 AD. Two major splits during this period resulted in the formation of three major groups of Bohras: Alavis, Dawoodis and Sulaymanis.

Basic History[edit]

One Dai succeeded another until the 23rd Dai in Yemen. In India also Wali-ul-Hind were appointed by them one after another until Wali-ul-Hind Moulai Jafer, Moulai Abdul Wahab and Moulai Qasim Khan bin Hasan (11th and last Wali-ul-Hind, d.950AH, Ahmedabad). The last three wali were of great help in the era of the 21st to 24th Dai. It was during this time when the Dawat was transferred to India from Yemen, that the 23rd Dai-al-Mutlaq Mohammed Ezzuddin performed nass (transfer of authority) on Yusuf Najmuddin ibn Sulaiman in Sidhpur, Gujrat, India.

Due to persecution by the local Zaydi Shi'a ruler in Yemen, the 24th Dai, Yusuf Najmuddin bin Sulayman (d.1567 AD), shifted the whole administration of the Dawat (mission) to India but continued to live in Yemen and died there. The 25th Dai Jalal Shamshuddin (d.1567 AD) was first dai to die in India; his mausoleum is in Ahmedabad, India. Dai Jalal's tenure as Dai was very short, only a few months, but before that he was Wali-ul Hind (after Moulai Qasim) for about 20 years under 24th Dai Yusuf while the Dai was in Yemen.

Following the death of the 26th Dai in 1591 CE, there was a dispute as to who was to succeed him. Suleman bin Hasan, the grandson of 24th Dai, was wali in Yemen and claimed the succession, supported by the other Yemeni Bohra. However, the Indian Bohra denied his claim of nass, declaring supporting documentation to be forged. The two factions separated, with the followers of Suleman becoming the Sulaymanis, and the followers of Dawood Bin Qutubshah becoming the Dawoodi Bohra.

After the death of the 28th daee al mutlaq, Sheikh Aadam Safiuddin, in 1621, a small faction of Alavi Bohra recognized his grandson Ali ibn Ibrahim (1046 AH/ 1637 AD) as his successor and seceded in 1204 AH/ 1789 AD from the majority Dawoodi Bohra recognizing the 29th Dai Abduttayyeb Zakiuddin, and have followed a separate line of daees residing mainly in Vadodara.

Ali was born in city of Vadodara, when 27th Dai Dawoodi bin Qutub Shah was alive in Ahmedabad. His father Ibrahim brought him to Ahmedabad in childhood. 28th Dai educated him.[1]

The Dai at present:

Syedna Abu Hatim Tayyib Ziyauddin is the 44th Da'i ul-Mutlaq al-Fatemi al-Husaini (Spiritual & Temporal Head) of al-Jamaa'at ul-'Alaviyah in succession from the 1st Dai ul-Mutlaq Syedna Zoeb bin Moosa, through the tradition of ‘NASS'. He has completed 36 yrs as Da'i ul-Mutlaq.

Syedi Hatim Zakiuddin is the ‘Mazoon' and ‘Mansoos' of ad-Da'wat ul-'Alaviyah. Saiyedna Saheb (TUS) did Nass-e-Jali on him on 4th Rabi' ul-Aakhar 1404 AH – 07/01/1984 AD at Masjid un-Nooraani . Mazoon ud-Da'wat il-'Alaviyah is the eldest son of Saiyedna Saheb.

Syedi Mohammad Nurruddin is the ‘Mukaasir ud-Da'wat il-'Alaviyah' and Zulqarnain hakimudin is Ra's ul-Hudood of ad-Da'wat ul-'Alaviyah.

Vadodara city (Gujarat State) is the centre (markaz) of Ad-Da'wat ul-Haadiyat ul-'Alaviyah since 325 yrs.

By the boundless grace of Rabb ul-‘Ezzat wal Maghferat, Ehsaanaat of al-Khamsat ul-Athaar (as), their Aal-e-athar and their Du’aat-e-Fekhaam, the haram of ad-Da’wat ul-Haadiyah and Bustaan-e-Taiyebi is blessed with Ne’mat-e-Naaderah of al-Bint ul-Kareemah (baby girl) to Mukaasir ul-Da’wat Saiyedi saheb (dm). After the long period of 21 years when the Royal Family of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) is graced with 9 shahzaadah, 2nd Shawaal ul-Mukarram proved the day of masarrat and farhat. The Birth of Shahzaadi marked the moment of delight and tashakkur in the Royal family as well as mumineen. Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) bestowed the new-born baby, the mubaarak name of “Zahraa” and on the 14th day the sunnat of ‘Aqeeqah was performed.

Haatim ul-Khairaat, Rabee' ul-Barakaat, Mazoon Maulaa Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (dm): Two Daughters and Three Sons Mozaiyanah, Maymanah, Sa'eed ul-Khayr, Murtazaa, Mujtabaa

Marhoom Mukaasir Maulaa Saiyedi Dr. Husain Mo'eenuddin saheb (dm): One Daughter and Two Sons Mehleqaa, Saahil Husain, Qais 'Ali

Mukaasir Maulaa Saiyedi Mohammad Nuruddin saheb (dm): One Daughter and Two Sons Kumail, Sudair, Zahraa

Ra's ul-Hudood Dr. Zulqarnain Hakeemuddin saheb (dm): Two Sons Mehlam, Luqmaan

Early History[edit]


KHATM AL-MURSALEEN ABU AL-QASIM MOHAMMAD AL-MUSTAFA BIN ABDILLAH( S.A.W.S) Birth :- 2 Rabi ' al- Awwal , 1 st 'Am al-Feel. Monday. ( Makkah ) Death :- 2 Rabi ' al- Awwal 11A.H. ( Madina ) – 27/5/632 A.D. The period of Nubuwwat is 23 yrs.

SAIYED AL-WASIYEEN ABU AL-HASAN ‘ ALI AL-MURTAZA BIN ABI TALIB (A.S.) Birth :- 13 Rajab 30 th ‘ Aam al-Feel ( Ka'ba , Makkah ) Death :- 21 st Ramazan 40 A.H. ( Najaf al- Ashraf ) – 27/1/661 A.D. The period of Wasaayat is 30 yrs.

KHAIRO NISAA AL- ‘ALAMEEN FATIMA AL-ZAHRA BINT MOHAMMAD AL-MUSTAFA (A.S.) Birth :- 20 Jamadi al- Akhar 45 th ‘ Aam al-Feel ( Makkah ) Death :- 12 Jamadi al- Awwal 11 A.H. ( Madina ) – 4/8/632 A.D.

List of Imams (A.S.):

1. ABU AL-MOHAMMAD IMAM HASAN AL-MASMOOM BIN ‘ ALI AL-MURTAZA (A.S.) Birth :- 15 th Ramazan 3 A.H. ( Madina ) - 624 A.D. Death :- 29 th Safar 49 A.H. ( Madina ) – 6/4/669 A.D. Imaamat :- 9 yrs. 6 m.

2. SAIYED AL-SHUHADA ABU ‘ABDILLAH IMAM HUSAIN BIN ‘ ALI AL-MURTAZA (A.S.) Birth :- 3 rd Shabaan 4 A.H. ( Madina ) - 625 A.D. Death :- 10 th Moharram 61 A.H. ( Karbala ) – 9/10/680 A.D. Imaamat :- 11 yrs.

3. SAIYED AL-SAAJEDEEN ABU MOHAMMAD IMAAM ALI ZAIN AL-ABEDEEN BIN IMAAM HUSAIN (A.S.) Birth :- 5th Shabaan 33 A.H. ( Madina ) - 654 A.D. Death :- 18th Moharram 94 A.H. ( Madina ) – 23/10/712 A.D. Imaamat :- 33 yrs.

4. ABU JA'FAR IMAAM MOHAMMAD AL-BAAQIR BIN IMAAM ZAIN AL-ABEDEEN (A.S.) Birth :- 3rd Safar 57 A.H. ( Madina ) - 677 A.D. Death :- 17th Zilhajj 114 A.H. ( Madina ) – 6/2/733 A.D. Imaamat :- 20 yrs. 11 m.

5. ABU ABDILLAH IMAAM JA'FAR AL-SAADIQ BIN IMAAM MOHAMMAD AL-BAAQIR (A.S.). Birth :- 17th Rabi ' al- Awwal 83 A.H. - 702 A.D. Death :- 29th Shawwal 148 A.H.( Madina ) – 17/12/765 A.D. Imaamat :- 34 yrs.

6. ABU MOHAMMAD IMAAM ISMA'IL AL-WAFI BIN IMAAM JA'FAR AL-SAADIQ (A.S.) Birth: - Shawwal 100 A.H. - 719 A.D. Death: - Died during the imamat of Imam Ja'far al- Sadiq in the year 138 A.H. ( Appro .). - 756 A.D.

7. ABU ABDILLAH IMAAM MOHAMMAD AL-SHAAKIR BIN IMAAM ISMA'IL (A.S.) Birth :- 12th Rabi ' al- Awwal 128 A.H. - 746 A.D. Death :- 11th Shawwal 193 A.H. ( Farghana ) – 27/7/809 A.D. Imaamat :- 45 yrs.

8. ABU AHMED IMAAM ABDILLAH AL-MASTOOR AL-RAZI BIN IMAAM MOHAMMAD (A.S.) Birth :- 22nd Shabaan 179 A.H. - 795 A.D. Death :- 11th Zilhajj 212 A.H. ( Salmiyya ) – 1/3/828 A.D. Imaamat :- 19 yrs.

9. ABU AL-HUSAIN IMAAM AHMAD AL-MASTOOR AL-TAQI BIN IMAAM ABDILLAH (A.S.) Birth :- 12th Rajab 198 A.H. - 814 A.D. Death :- 9th Ramazan 225 A.H. – 12/7/840 A.D. Imaamat :- 13 yrs.

10. ABU ABDILLAH IMAAM HUSAIN AL-MASTOOR AL-ZAKI BIN IMAAM AHMAD (A.S.) Birth :- 12th Shabaan 210 A.H. - 825 A.D. Death :- 1st Rajab 262 A.H. (‘ Askar al- Mukarram ) – 30/3/876 A.D. Imaamat :- 37 yrs.

11. ABU MOHAMMAD IMAAM ABDULLAH AL-MAHDI BIN IMAAM HUSAIN (A.S.) Birth :- 12th Shawwal 260 A.H. - 874 A.D. Death :- 15th Rabi'al-Awwal 322 A.H. – 4/3/934 A.D. Imaamat :- 59 yrs.

12. ABU AL-QAASIM IMAAM MOHAMMAD AL-QAAIM BI-AMRILLAAH BIN IMAAM AL-MAHDI (A.S.) Birth :- 282 A.H. - 895 A.D. Death :- 13th Shawwal 334 A.H. ( Mahdiyya ) – 17/5/946 A.D. Imaamat :- 14 yrs.

13. ABU AL-ZAAHIR IMAAM ISMA'IL AL-MANSOOR BILLAAH BIN IMAAM QAAIM (A.S.) Birth :- 302 A.H. - 915 A.D. Death :- 28th Shawwal 341 A.H. ( Mahdiyya ) – 17/3/953 A.D. Imaamat :- 7 yrs.

14. ABU AL-TAMIM IMAAM MA'AD AL-MO'IZ LI-DEENILLAAH IMAAM AL-MANSOOR (A.S.) Birth :- 21st Ramzaan 319 A.H. - 931 A.D. Death :- 11th Rabi ' al- Akhar 365 A.H. ( Cairo ) – 17/12/975 A.D. Imaamat :- 24 yrs.

15. ABU AL-MANSOOR IMAAM NAZAAR AL- AZEEZ BILLAAH BIN IMAAM AL-MO'IZ (A.S.) Birth :- 14th Moharram 344 A.H. - 956 A.D. Death :- 12th Ramzaan 386 A.H. ( Cairo ) – 17/9/996 A.D. Imaamat :- 21 yrs

16. ABU ALI IMAAM HAAKIM BI-AMRILLAAH BIN IMAAM AL-AZEEZ (A.S.) Birth :- 3rd Rabi ' al- Awwal 375 A.H. - 986 A.D. Heavenly Ascendance on 27 th Shawwal 411 A.H. - 12 /2/1021 A.D. Imaamat :- 25 yrs.

17. ABU MA'AD IMAAM ALI AL-ZAAHIR LI-I'JAZE DEENILLAAH BIN IMAAM AL-HAAKIM (A.S.) Birth :- 3rd Ramzaan 395 A.H. - 1005 A.D. Death :- 15th Shabaan 427 A.H. – 12/6/1036 A.D. Imaamat :- 16 yrs.

18. ABU AL-TAMIM MA'AD IMAAM MUSTANSIR BILLAAH BIN IMAAM AL-ZAAHIR (A.S.) Birth :- 16th Ramzaan 420 A.H. - 1029 A.D. Death :- 18th Zilhajj 487 A.H. – 28/12/1094 A.D. Imaamat :- 60 yrs.

19. ABU AL-QAASIM IMAAM AHMAD AL-MUSTA'ALI BILLAAH BIN IMAAM AL-MUSTANSIR (A.S.) Birth : -20th Moharram 467 A.H. - 1076 A.D. Death :- 17th Safar 495 A.H. – 10/12/1101 A.D. Imaamat :- 7 yrs.

20. ABU AL-ALI IMAAM MANSOOR AL-AAMIR BI-AHKAMILLAAH BIN IMAAM AL-MUSTA'ALI (A.S.) Birth :- 13th Moharram 490 A.H. - 1097 A.D. Death :- 4th Zilqaad 526 A.H. – 15/9/1132 A.D. Imaamat :- 31 yrs.

21. ABU AL-QAASIM IMAAM TAIYEB BIN IMAAM AL-AAMIR (A.S.) Birth: - 4th Rabi'al-Akhar 524 A.H. – 16/03/1130 A.D. Seclusion (istetaar) at the age of 4 yrs. from Cairo. Only some Ashaab were aware of the whereabouts of Imam (AS).

The Fatimids of Egypt

It was in the Tenth Century that the Abbasid Caliphate was again challanged. This time, the new leader was a Shiite who established his strong political and military platform in Tunisia and moved eastward. His legitimacy was supported by his claim of being a direct descendent of the Prophet Mohammed's (SAWS) daughter, Fatima. His name was Imaam Mo'iz le deenillah, he who strengthens the religion of Allah. In 969 AD, he sent his most skilled general Qaa'id Jawhar, on a campaign to capture Egypt.

On August 5, 969 AD, what remained of Al-Fustat was easily captured by Jawhar who decided to build a new capital. The Sicilian general did not know he had just founded a city that would survive for the next millenium. He did not know his city would grow to become one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. He just knew he had laid the foundation for his new capital, Al-Mansuriyah, which Al-Mo'iz later renamed Al-Qaahira, Cairo, The Triumphant. The new capital was situated a couple of kilometers north of Al-Fustat, and was better protected by the Muqattam Hills. It had a small port on the Red Sea Canal, near today's Railway Station (At the time, the Nile was flowing further to the East, and changed its course over the years). And although it started as a private mansion for the Imaam-Caliph, its doors were open later for common citizens.

The rule of the Fatimids was one of the most brilliant in Egyptian history. Under Al-Mo'iz, the construction of al-Azhar University, one of the oldest in the world and still present to this day, began. His Caliphate is also acclaimed for the progress of learning and arts. He himself was a learned philosopher, scientist and astronomist. His court always remained full of jurists, traditionists, poets and historians.

His son, Al-Aziz, was a supporter of arts and astronomy, and was known to be a tolerant ruler and noble to his subjects. It was owing to his generous patronage that the University of al-Azhar could maintain itself as a unique and distinguished seat of Islamic learning. Al-Azhar contained a huge library. The royal library of al-Aziz itself contained 200,000 rare manuscripts and an equal number of manuscripts were kept at al-Azhar. It also contained 2400 illuminated copies of Holy Koran. During Al-Aziz's 20-year rule, bridges, palaces, and mosques were built, and canals were dug out. Al-Aziz was also known for his paternal care of the people and introduced many financial reforms in the country. He introduced the system of paying a fixed stipends for services to the official and household servants and also used to give them robes and mules to ride on. Among his outstanding reforms, the most significant was that he put down bribery and corruption with a firm hand in Egypt.

But the rule of Al-Haakim, Al-Aziz's son and successor was quite a distinct story. Al-Haakim, however assumed full power of the empire at the age of fourteen, and thus it does not appear to have affected his early education. He had a good command of Arabic tongue, and a fine knowledge of poetry at an early age. He would frequently pause in the streets of his capital to exchange greetings or answer questions from his poor subjects. Al- Haakim wished, above all, to be the perfect ruler; widely generous, enforcing strict good order, and absolutely just to all the people. Personally, he avoided all luxury and mounted a simple donkey for his excursions. Imam al-Haakim delivered his first speech from the pulpit of a mosque in Cairo on 386/996 and said: "O'people, surely Allah has made us superior by the word of Imaamat. He has eternalized it in us, so that it may last until the day of doom. The one of us receives it from the other and the son inherits it from the father. This is the bounty of Allah, He gives it to whomever He wishes, and God is of bounty abounding."

Al-Haakim was succeeded by Al-Zaher who seems to have inherited a lot from his father. He acceded on the throne of Fatimid Caliphate and Imaamat on 411/1021 at the age of 16 years. On the occasion of his coronation, a special payment in excess (fazl) of 20 dinars was granted to each soldier. Things remained better in the beginning of Al-Mustansir's rule, he ascended on 15th Shaban, 427/June 13, 1036 at the age of 7 years. During the early years, the state affairs were administered by his mother. His period of Caliphate lasted for 60 years, the longest of all the caliphs, either in Egypt or elsewhere in Islamic states. Between 457/1065 and 464/1072, the famine made the condition of Egypt from bad to worse. Meanwhile, in 454/1062 and again in 459/1067, the struggle between the Turkish and Sudanese soldiery deteriorated into open warfare, ending in a victory for the Turks and their Berber allies. The Berbers in lower Egypt deliberately aggravated the distress by ravaging the country, destroying the embankments and canals, and seeking every way to reduce the capital and the neighboring districts by sheer starvation.

In al-Mustansir's stable where there had been ten thousand animals there were now only three thin horses, and his escort once fainted from hunger as it accompanied him through the streets. As long as the calamity lasted, al-Mustansir alone possessed a horse, and, when he rode out, the courtiers followed on foot, having no beast to carry them. The condition of the country deteriorated with the protracted famine that followed by plague, and the whole districts were absolutely denuded of population and house after house lay empty. The precious library which had been rendered available to the public and was one of the objects for which many visited Cairo was scattered, the books were torn up, thrown away, or used to light fires.

When the situation slightly improved in 1073, Al-Mustansir, with the help of his new governor Badr ul-Jamaali, revived Cairo. It was then that the new gates were built: Baab-un-Nasr, Baab ul-Futooh, and Baab Zuweila.

After Al-Mustansir's death, Nizari seceded, and Mustaali were in majority under Imam Mustaali. His son Imam Amir appointed Imam Taiyab as 21st Imam, who was still a child before he(Amir) was killed by Nizari. Imam Taiyab secluded, and Dai Zoeb was appointed as first Dai al mutlaq.

List of Alavi Bohra Dais[edit]

DU'AAT-E-KERAAM (aq) of Yaman


1. Saiyedna Zo’aib bin Saiyedi Moosa al-Waade’i (Qaddasallaho Ruhahu) Death :- 10th Moharram 546 AH (Haus Mubaarak) – 28/4/1151 AD Period :- 13 yrs 4 mts 18 days

2. Saiyedna Ibraahim bin Saiyedi Husain al-Haamedi (QR) Death :- 16th Sha’baan 557 AH (Ghail-e-Bani Haamid, Hamdaan) – 30/7/1162 AD Period :- 11 yrs 7 mts 6 days

3. Saiyedna Haatim bin Saiyedna Ibraahim al-Haamedi (QR) Death : - 16th Moharram 596 AH (Hutaib Mubaarak) – 6/11/1199 AD Period :- 38 yrs 5 mts

4. Saiyedna ‘Ali bin Saiyedna Haatim (QR) Death :- 25th Zul Qa’dah 605 AH (Sana’a) – 30/5/1209 AD Period :- 9 yrs 10 mts 10 days

5. Saiyedna ‘Ali bin Saiyedi Mohammad bin al-Waleed (QR) Death :- 27th Sha’baan 612 AH (Heraaz) – 20/12/1215 AD Period :- 6 yrs 9 mts 3 days

6. Saiyedna ‘Ali bin Saiyedi Hanzala al-Waade’i (QR) Death :- 12th Rabi’ ul-Awwal 626 AH (Hamdaan) – 7/2/1229 AD Period :- 13 yrs 6 mts 15 days

7. Saiyedna Ahmad bin Saiyedi Mubaarak (QR) Death : 28th Jumaadi ul-Ukhraa 627 AH (Hamdaan) - 12/5/ 1230 AD Period :- 1 yr 3 mts 16 days

8. Saiyedna Husain bin Saiyedna ‘Ali al-Waleed (QR) Death :- 22nd Safar 667 AH (Hiql, Sana’a) – 30/10/1268 AD Period :- 39 yrs 7 mts 24 days

9. Saiyedna ‘Ali bin Saiyedna Husain al-Waleed (QR) Death : - 13th Zul Qa’dah 682 AH (Sana’a) – 1/2/1284 AD Period :- 15 yrs 8 mts 21 days

10. Saiyedna ‘Ali bin Saiyedi Husain al-Waade’i (QR) Death :- 1st Safar 686 AH (Sana’a) – 17/3/1287 AD Period :- 3 yrs 2 mts 17 days

11. Saiyedna Ibraahim bin Saiyedna Husain al-Waleed (QR) Death :- 10th Shawwaal 728 AH (Hisn-e-Af’edah) – 16/8/1328 AD Period :- 42 yrs 8 mts 9 days

12. Saiyedna Mohammad bin Saiyedi Haatim (QR) Death :- 1st Zul Hijjah 729 AH (Hisn-e-Af’edah) - 25/9/1329 AD Period :- 1 yr 1 mt 7 days

13. Saiyedna ‘Ali Shamsuddin bin Saiyedna Ibraahim (QR) Death : - 18th Rajab 746 AH (Hisn-e-Zamarmar) – 13/11/1345 AD Period :- 16 yrs 7 mts 18 days

14. Saiyedna ‘Abd ul-Muttalib Najmuddin bin Saiyedna Mohammad (QR) Death :- 14th Rajab 755 AH (Hisn-e-Zamarmar) – 3/8/1354 AD Period :- 8 yrs 11 mts 25 days

15. Saiyedna ‘Abbaas bin Saiyedna Mohammad (QR) Death :- 8th Shawwaal 779 AH (Hisn-e-Af’edah) – 6/2/1378 AD Period :- 24 yrs 2 mts 24 days

16. Saiyedna ‘Abdullaah Fakhruddin bin Saiyedi ‘Ali (QR) Death :- 9th Ramazaan 809 AH (Hisn-e-Zamarmar) - 16/2/1407 AD Period :- 29 yrs 11 mts 1 day

17. Saiyedna Hasan Badruddin bin Saiyedna ‘Abdullaah (QR) Death :- 6th Shawwaal 821 AH (Hisn-e-Zamarmar) - 5/11/1418 AD Period :- 12 yrs 27 days

18. Saiyedna ‘Ali Shamsuddin bin Saiyedna ‘Abdullaah (QR) Death :- 3rd Safar 832 AH (Shaareqah) - 11/11/ 1428 AD Period :- 10 yrs 3 mts 27 days

19. Saiyedna Idrees ‘Imaaduddin bin Saiyedna Hasan (QR) Death :- 19th Zul Qa’dah 872 AH (Shebaam) – 9/6/1468 AD Period :- 40 yrs 9 mts 16 days

20. Saiyedna Hasan Badruddin bin Saiyedna Idrees (QR) Death :- 15th Sha’baan 918 AH (Masaar) – 25/10/1512 AD Period :- 45 yrs 8 mts 26 days

21. Saiyedna Husain Husaamuddin bin Saiyedna Idrees (QR) Death :- 10th Shawwaal 933 AH (Masaar) – 9/7/1527 AD Period :- 15 yrs 1 mt 25 days

22. Saiyedna ‘Ali Shamsuddin bin Saiyedna Husain (QR) Death :- 21st Zul Qa’dah 933 AH (Masaar) – 18/8/ 1527 AD Period :- 1 mt 10 days

23. Saiyedna Mohammad ‘Izzuddin bin Saiyedna ‘Ali (QR) Death :- 27th Safar 946 AH (Zabeed) – 13/7/1539 AD Period :- 12 yrs 3 mts 6 days

24. Saiyedna Yoosuf Najmuddin bin Saiyedi Sulaymaan (QR) Death :- 16 Zul Hijjah 974 AH (Taibah) – 23/6/1567 AD Period :- 28 yrs 9 mts 23 days




25. SAIYEDNA FAKHRUDDIN JALAAL BIN HASAN (Q.R.) Death :- 16th Rabi ‘al- Akhar 975 A.H. – 19/10/1567 A.D. Period :- 4 months.

26. SAIYEDNA DAWOODJI BURHAANUDDIN BIN ‘AJABSHAH (Q.R.) Death :- 27th Rabi ' al- Akhar 999 A.H. – 21/2/1591 A.D. Period :- 24 yrs.

27. SAIYEDNA DAWOODJI BURHAANUDDIN BIN ‘QUTUBSHAH (Q.R.) Death :- 15th Jamadi al- Akhar 1021 A.H. – 12/8/1612 A.D. Period :- 22 yrs.

28. SAIYEDNA SHAIKH AADAM SAFIYUDDIN BIN TAIYABSHAH (Q.R.) Death :- 7th Rajab 1030 A.H. – 27/5/1621 A.D. Period :- 9 yrs.

29. SAIYEDNA ALI SHAMSUDDIN AL-SHAHEED BIN IBRAHIM BIN SAIYEDNA SHAIKH ADAM SAFIYUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 23rd Zilqaad 1046 A.H. – 17/4/1637 A.D. Period :- 16 yrs.

He was the 1st Da'i ul Mutlaq of ALAVI DA'WAT in India who gave his life for "Haqq" and "Da'wat" and was martyred.

30. SAIYEDNA TAIYAB ZAKIYUDDIN BIN SHAIKH ADAM SAFIYUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 13th Ramzan 1047 A.H. – 27/1/1638 A.D. Period :- 9 m. 20 days.

31. SAIYEDNA HASAN BADRUDDIN BIN WALI (Q.R.) Death :- 19th Rabi ' al- Akhar 1090 A.H. – 29/5/1679 A.D. Period :- 42 yrs.

Vadodara: -

32. SAIYEDNA ZIYAUDDIN JIVABHAI BIN SAIYEDI NUHJI (Q.R.) Death : - 10th Zilqaad 1130 A.H. (Al Bustaan al- Badri). – 4/10/1718 A.D. Period :- 40 yrs.

33. SAIYEDNA MO'AYYEDUDDIN HEBATULLAAH BIN SAIYEDNA ZIYAUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 17th Rajab 1151 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri). – 30/10/ 1738 A.D . Period :- 20 yrs.

34. SAIYEDNA SHEHABUDDIN JALAL BIN SAIYEDI NUHJI (Q.R.) Death :- 14th Safar 1158 A.H. (Jannat al- Mu'meneen) - 17/3/1745 A.D. Period :- 6 yrs. 7 m.

35. SAIYEDNA NURUDDIN NOORBHAI BIN SHAIKHALI (Q.R.) Death :- 9th Moharram 1178 A.H. (SURAT) – 7/7/ 1764 A.D. Period :- 19 yrs. 11m.

36. SAIYEDNA HAMIDUDDIN SHAMSUDDIN BIN SAIYEDNA HEBATULLAH (Q.R.) Death :- 26th Shabaan 1189 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ) – 20/10/1775 A.D. Period :- 11 yrs.

37. SAIYEDNA SHAMSUDDIN SHAIKHALI BIN SAIYEDNA SHAMSUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 25th Rajab 1248 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ) – 17/12/1832 A.D. Period :- 59 yrs .

38. SAIYEDNA HAMIDUDDIN SHAMSUDDIN BIN SAIYEDNA SHAIKHALI (Q.R.) Death :- 30th Ramzan 1252 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ). – 7/1/1837 A.D. Period :- 4 yrs.

39. SAIYEDNA MUFIDUDDIN NAJMUDDIN BIN SAIYEDNA SHAIKHALI (Q.R.) Death :- 6th Rajab 1282 A.H. ( Jannat al- Mu'meneen ). – 24/11/1865 A.D. Period :- 29 yrs. 10 m.

40. SAIYEDNA AMEENUDDIN AMIRUDDIN BIN SAIYEDNA NAJMUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 18th Zilhajj 1296 A.H. ( Jannat al- Mu'meneen ). - 2/12/1879 A.D. Period :- 14 yrs.

41. SAIYEDNA FAKHRUDDIN JIVABHAI BIN SAIYEDNA AMIRUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 20th Shawwal 1347 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ). – 30/3/1929 A.D. Period :- 50 yrs. 10m.

42. SAIYEDNA BADRUDDIN FIDAALI BIN SAIYEDNA FAKHRUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 8th Shabaan 1377 A.H. (Al- Bustaan al- Badri ) – 26/2/1958 A.D. Period :- 29 yrs. 9 m.

43. SAIYEDNA NURUDDIN YUSUF BIN SAIYEDNA BADRUDDIN (Q.R.) Death :- 17th Rajab 1394 A.H. (Mazaar-e-Yusufi, Al- Masjid al- Noorani) 5/8/1974 A.D. Period :- 16 yrs. 11 m.


SAIYEDNA WA MAULAANA ABU HAATIM TAIYEB ZIYAUDDIN SAHEB (Tawwalallaaho 'Umrahu ash- Shareef) is the 44th Da'i ul-Mutlaq al-Fatemi al-Husaini (Spiritual & Temporal Head) of al-Jamaa'at ul-'Alaviyah in succession from the 1st Dai ul-Mutlaq SAIYEDNA ZOEB BIN MOOSA (QR), through the tradition of ‘NASS'. He has completed 40 yrs as Da'i ul-Mutlaq.

Complete list of Saints of Alavi Bohra[edit]


25th Da’i: Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jalaal bin Hasan (QR) - 975 A.H.

26th Da’i: Saiyedna Burhaanuddin Daawood bin Ajabshah (QR) - 999 A.H.

27th Da’i: Saiyedna Burhaanuddin Daawood bin Qutubshah (QR) - 1021 A.H.

28th Da’i: Saiyedna Safiyuddin Shaikh Aadam bin Taiyebshah (QR) - 1030 A.H.

29th Da’i: Saiyedna Shamsuddin Ali bin Ibraheem ash-Shaheed (QR) - 1046 A.H.

30th Da’i: Saiyedna Zakiyuddin Taiyeb bin S. Shaikh Aadam (QR) - 1047 A.H.

31st Da’i: Saiyedna Badruddin Hasan bin Wali (QR) - 1090 A.H.

Saiyedi Ameenji bin Jalaal [RA] - 1031 A.H.

Maulaai Aadam Shujaauddin bin M. Sulemaan [RA] - 836 A.H. [First Waali-e-Hind in Ahmedabad]

Saiyedi Khwaajah Kalaan bin Abdullaah [RA] - 872 A.H.

Maulaai Hasan Husaamuddin bin M. Aadam [RA] - 883 A.H. [Waali-e-Hind]

Maulaai Raaj Mohiyuddin bin M. Hasan [RA] - 925 A.H. [Waali-e-Hind]

Maulaai Raaj Safiyuddin bin Daawood [RA] - 925 A.H.

Maulaai Feeroz bin Ismaa’eel [RA] - 945 A.H.

Saiyedi Qaasim bin Hasan [RA] - 950 A.H. [Last Wali-e-Hind]

Saiyedi Sham’oon bin Ja’far [RA] - 965 A.H.

Maulaai Qutubshah bin Khauj [RA] - 966 A.H. [Waalid-e-S. Daawood]

Maulaai Daawood bin Qaazi Ahmed [RA] - 972 A.H.

Saiyedi Chandji bin Daawood [RA] - 973 A.H.

Saiyedi Ja’farji bin Raaj [RA] - 981 A.H.

Saiyedi Ahmedji bin Ajabshah [RA] - 982 A.H.

Saiyedi Mulla Rajan Saheb [RA] - 988 A.H.

Saiyedi Malak bin Feeroz [RA] - 998 A.H.

Maulaai Yusufji and Maulaai Taiyebji [RA] - 1011 A.H.

Saiyedi Raj Saheb.

Saiyedi Ja’far bin Hasanbhai.

Saiyedi Aadam bin Hasanbhai.

Saiyedi Raj bin Daawood.

Mulla Shaikh Ahmed bin Mulla Hasan.

Saiyedi Hasan bin Mulla Raaj.

Saiyedi Ja’far bin Khwaajah Mohammad bin Ishaaq.

Saiyedi Khwaajah Mohammad bin Ishaaq.

Saiyedi Hasanbhai bin Maulaai Peer.

Saiyedi Shahji bin Ali.

Saiyedi Khan bin Qaasim.

Maulaai Hasan [RA] [Waalid-e-S. Jalaal].

Maulaai Hasanji Shaheed bin M. Aluji Shaheed.

Miya Maamji bin Shekhaa bin Isaa Mujaal.

Miya Malakshah bin Shekhaa.

Miya Aadam bin Raaj bin Chaand bin Mehmood-Mujaal.


Maulaai Ahmed bin Hasankhan.

Maulaai Burhaan bin Khauj khan.

Maulaai Khauj khan bin Ali.

Maulaai Hasan bin Khauj khan.


Maulaai Daawoodji bin Maulaai Raaj.

Maulaai Raaj bin Daawood.


Saiyedi Shaikh Feer bin Daawoodshah.


Shaheed Ameeji Saheb.


Shaheed Ghanipeer bin Daawoodji.


Maulaai Ya’qoob [Miya Mehboob].

Maulaai Ishaaq bin Yaaqub.

Maulaai Ali bin Maulaai Daawood.


Shaikh Ibraheem bin Yusuf Naherwaali.

Maulaai Ibraheem bin Luqmaan.

Maulaai Mulla Aadam bin Feemukhan.

Maulaai Khan bin Feeroz.

Maulaai Hasan bin Saiyedna Daawood bin Ajabshah.

Maulaai Maamuji bin Haarun.


Saiyedi Hasan Feer Shaheed bin Ali.


Maulaai Shaikh Ahmed.

Maulaai Mulla Khwaajah bin Isaa.

Maulaai Miyakhan bin Mohammad khan.

Maulaai Burhaan.

Maulaai Aadam.

Maulaai Ali bin Aadam.


Saiyedi Fakhruddin Shaheed bin Taarmel.


Maulaai Mohammad khan bin Raaj.

Maulaai Raj bin Ja’far.

Maulaai Malakji bin Mohammad khan.

Maulaai Hasan khan - 886. A.H.


Saiyedi Khawj bin Malak shah.


Saiyedi Miyaji bin Taaj Saheb.

Maulaai Ajab bin Nuh.

Maulaai Ibraheem bin Sham’oon.

Mulla Taaj bin Ibraheem.


Saiyedi Mohammad khan Kadeeja Shaheed.

Saiyedi Shaikh Daawood bin Nizaamuddin.

Mulla Shams bin Daawood Shaheed.

Maulaai Aadam Chaampaaneri.

Saiyedi Ibraheem bin Maamuji bin Shaikh Malak.

Saiyedi Raaj Mohammad bin Shams bin Daawood.


Maulaai Abdullaah Saheb.

Maulaai Ahmad Saheb.

Kaka Akela and Kaaki Akeli.


35th Da’i: Saiyedna Nuruddin Noorbhai bin Shaikhali (QR) - 1178 A.H.

Saiyedi Shaikh Aadam bin S. Nuruddin Saheb [RA].


Maulaai Nuruddin Saheb.


Noorbibi Umm-e-Saiyedna Yusuf Najmuddin Saheb.

Fatemabibi Ukht-e-Saiyedna Yusuf Najmuddin Saheb.


32nd Da’i: Saiyedna Ziyauddin Jivabhai bin Nuhji [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1130 A.H.

33rd Da’i: Saiyedna Moaiyyaduddin Hebatullaah bin S. Ziyauddin [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1151 A.H.

34th Da’i: Saiyedna Shehaabuddin Jalaal bin Nuhji [QR] – Jannat ul-Mumineen - 1158 A.H.

36th Da’i: Saiyedna Hameeduddin Shamsuddin bin S. Moaiyyaduddin [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1189 A.H.

37th Da’i: Saiyedna Shamsuddin Shaikhali bin S. Shamsuddin [QR] - - Bustaan-e-Badri 1248 A.H.

38th Da’i: Saiyedna Hameeduddin Shamsuddin bin S. Shaikhali [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri -1252 A.H.

39th Da’i: Saiyedna Mufeeduddin Najmuddin bin S. Shaikhali [QR] - Jannat ul-Mumineen - 1282 A.H.

40th Da’i: Saiyedna Ameenuddin Ameeruddin bin S. Najmuddin [QR] - Jannat ul-Mumineen - 1296 A.H.

41st Da’i: Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jivabhai bin S. Amiruddin [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1347 A.H.

42nd Da’i: Saiyedna Badruddin Fidaali bin S. Fakhruddin [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1377 A.H.

43rd Da’i: Saiyedna Nuruddin Yusuf bin S. Badruddin [QR] - 1394 A.H.

Saiyedi Musanji bin Taaj Saheb Shaheed [RA]

Saiyedi Bhaisaheb Ibraheem bin S. Fakhruddin Saheb - Jannat ul-Mumineen.

Saiyedi Bhaisaheb Nazarali bin S. Badruddin Saheb - Jannat ul-Mumineen.

Maulaai Bhaijibhai Bahauddin bin S.Ali Shamsuddin [RA]

Maa Saheba Qeebu binte Shamsuddin – Zaujat-e- S. Ameeruddin Saheb.

Maa Saheba Ne’matbu binte Saiyedi Bhaisaheb Sharafuddin – Zaujat-e- S. Fakhruddin Saheb.

Maa Saheba Qeebu binte Sharafuddin – Zaujat-e- S. Badruddin Saheb.

Maa Saheba Raanibu binte Gulaam Husain. Zaujat-e- S. Badruddin Saheb.

Maa Saheba Khadeejat ul-Kubraa Meethibu binte Rajabali. Zaujat-e- S. Nuruddin Saheb.

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