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Alba Arnova (1955)

Alba Arnova (born 15 March 1930) is an Italian ballerina[1] and film actress.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Born in Buenos Aires as Alba Fossati, daughter of two Italian emigrants, Arnova studied piano at the Conservatory and enrolled at the university at the medical faculty.[3] She became the principal classical dancer of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires and changed her surname first in Ars Nova and then in Arnova.[4] She left Argentina in 1948, for a six months stage tour, but eventually remained in Rome, where she worked first in theater, as a classical dancer and a revue and avanspettacolo soubrette, then, since 1949, in films, though usually in minor roles.[4]

In 1956 Arnova raised a large controversity as she appeared in the RAI television variety La piazzetta wearing a tight leotard, that for the light effects and the black-and-white system made her appear as semi-nude; the TV show was suspended and she was subsequently fired and banned from the Italian television, so that she eventually chose to left the showbusiness.[5]

Arnova was married to composer and conductor Gianni Ferrio.



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