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(Subsidiary of Cosmote and Deutsche Telekom AG)
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1995
Headquarters Tirane, Albania
Key people
Dimitris Blatsios
Products mobile phones, Prepaid, postpaid
Internet Solutions,
Revenue 119.3 million (2011)[1]
Number of employees
Parent Cosmote Group, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile

Albanian Mobile Communications Sh.A. (AMC) is a telecommunications company that operates in Albania. AMC has been part of the COSMOTE Group since 2000 and in 2008 joined the Deutsche Telekom group.[2]

AMC Main tower located in Lapraka,Tirana
AMC Headquarters in Lapraka, Tirana


AMC was established as a state owned company in November 1995, and started commercial operations in May 1996, thus being the first mobile operator in Albania.[3] The company was successfully privatized in August 2000. Cosmote acquired 85% of AMC capital share, through COSMO-HOLDING ALBANIA S.A., COSMOTE’s 97% owned subsidiary.[2][4]

The privatization of AMC in 2000 was a turning point in its history.


When COSMOTE acquired AMC, the company had 11,000 subscribers actually making outgoing calls.[3] In December 2001 AMC customer base exceeded 273,000 customers and in 2009 it had reached a customer base of 1.9 million. Currently, the company’s network covers 99.6% of the population and 95% of the geographical area.[4] However in 2011 its customer base retreated to 1.8 million.[1]

AMC is the second mobile operator that provides 3G technology in Albania. On September 2011 the Albanian government awarded the second 3G network license to AMC for 15.1 million ($20.6 million) outbidding Eagle Mobile which offered 12.9 million euros.[5][6] On January 2012 AMC Launched 3G services in Albania, only 3 months following the 3G license acquisition. On June of the same year AMC 3G infrastructure extended to approximately 95% of the country.[4]

By upgrading its service with the 3G platform, AMC has fulfilled another technological milestone in its history. AMC has fulfilled the HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access) standard, aiming to provide its subscribers with the same quality of service in different areas of the country.

In 2011 AMC entered in the Albanian landline market, the second company in Albania that offers landlines in all country.


In 2005, its revenues exceeded €137 million.[3] In 2007 AMC’s revenues reached 176.2 million Euro, 16.7% higher on a yearly basis. The company’s EBITDA grew by 20.1% in 2007 on a 62.0% margin, while net income increased by 22.1% year-on-year with the net income margin at 34.6% for 2007. During Q3 2008, AMC’ EBITDA margin stood at 67.4%.[citation needed] In 2011 AMC revenues stood at €119.3 million[1]

Market share[edit]

As of 2012 Albania had 5.3 million subscribers (187% penetration rate), out of which there were 3.2 million active users (114% penetration rate). An active user is the number of users that communicated in the last three months.[7]

The regulatory authority for telecommunication in Albania is the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority.

Rank Operator Technology Subscribers as of 2012
(in millions)
1 Vodafone GSM-900/1800
1.839 or 34.76% Vodafone
2 AMC GSM-900/1800
1.736 or 32.82% Cosmote and Deutsche Telecom
3 Eagle Mobile GSM-900/1800 1.304 or 24.66% Albtelecom
4 Plus GSM-900/1800 0.410 or 7.76% Plus Communication

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