Albanian Nuclear Agency

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Albanian Nuclear Agency
Abbreviation ANA
Type Nuclear agency
Legal status Government agency

The Albanian Nuclear Agency (ANA) (Albanian: Agjencia Kombetare Berthamore) is the government-owned nuclear agency that looks for options of nuclear power in Albania.[1]

Structure and function[edit]

The Albanian Nuclear Agency is an institution under the Prime Minister. This agency will have its objective the preparation, monitoring of progress and development of national nuclear program. According to the bill approved by government, it shall have the task to establish the infrastructure necessary to support the national nuclear program and the development of complete legal framework, which will support the normal development of the program. "Coordination of the work for the selection of countries in which it can build nuclear power plant. Selection and provision of professional training of personnel necessary to support the nuclear program, in its different stages. Develop documentation and tracking procedures, we basis of which will require bids for nuclear power plant,"–says the draft.

Likewise be followed during all stages and procedures for building and operating the nuclear plant, provision of storage, short term and long term, that nuclear fuel and radioactive materials, which relate to the process of energy production from nuclear power plant.


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