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Albanian Hip Hop refers to artists from Albania, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro as the Albanian language is spoken in the whole of Albania and Kosovo and some parts of Macedonia and Montenegro.[1][2][3] The term Albanian Hip Hop also refers to other Albanian-inhabited places such as the United States, Germany and United Kingdom. Since 2012, a team of French people tried to help improve Hip-Hop culture in Albania. They created the first Albanian hip hop festival, which took place in Tirane, Elbasan, Shkodër and Korçë.

The first rap group ever made in Albania is Banda Butuesi formed by 99ci,DMC aka Babloki and other guys from Bajram Curri, a town in the northern Albania.But the group who brought Modern Rap in Albania was the legendary 2Die4, formed by 4 guys from Fier. Other old school famous Albanian rappers are Mr Elvis, Akrepi, Rudi, West Side Family, Vagabondi, etc. Rap found itself in Kosovo during the 90's, where the most prominent rappers were Getoar Selimi, 2Po2, Unikkatil, Presioni, Ritmi Rruges, Duda, etc. Albanian HipHop, nowadays, is all about labels. Some of the best labels are TBA(The Bloody Alboz), P.I.N.T, BABASTARS and HVMxSQUVD.

Albanian HipHop artists, specially those from the region of Kosovo, can be compared to whatever HipHop artist worldwide. HipHop in Kosovo has elaborated very quickly in production and lyrics, to that point where we can specify, it influences people and their way of living.

The best and most famous label in Kosovo and Albania is TBA (The Bloody Alboz). Some of TBA members are Unikkatil, Presioni, Jeton, Cyanide, N.A.G Tee, Buja etc. Other famous labels are BABASTARS (Ghetto Geasy, Agon Amiga, Stresi, etc.), P.I.N.T. (Lyrical Son, Mc Kresha) and HVMxSQUVD (SingullaR, BloodyChuck, Buta). Rebel AKA Unikkatil (TBA) is the most famous rapper of all time in Kosovo and Albania. The biggest concert ever made in Kosovo and Albania is Unikkatil's one that took place on July 15, 2012 at Pristina Stadium, 27,000 people were present, cheering for "King Of Albanian Rap".

Lyrical Son (P.I.N.T.), MC Kresha (P.I.N.T.), Ghetto Geasy (BABASTARS), Stresi (BABASTARS) and SingullaR (HVMxSQUVD) are other very talented rappers.


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