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Albany Highway
Western Australia
Map of the south-west of Western Australia, with Albany Highway highlighted in red
General information
Type Highway
Length 410 km (255 mi)
Route number(s) State Route 30
Major junctions
Northwest end The Causeway (State Route 5), Victoria Park (Perth)
Southeast end Middleton Road, Albany
Major settlements Perth, Armadale, North Bannister, Williams, Arthur River, Kojonup, Cranbrook, Mount Barker, Narrikup, Orana, Albany
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Albany Highway is a generally northwest-southeast highway in the south of Western Australia which links the state's capital Perth with its oldest settlement, Albany. The highway is approximately 410 kilometres (250 mi) in length, is designated State Route 30 and separates Western Australia's Great Southern region from its South West region. Outside of Perth the highway is a sealed single carriageway with regular overtaking lanes in some undulating areas.


Approximate road distances (in kilometres) of towns from Shepperton Road in Perth
Albany Highway at Cannington

It was originally called Albany Road and was first proposed in 1853 by Lt William Crossman of the Royal Engineers, who examined and reported on various possible Perth-Albany routes. The road was originally built of wood block and limestone by convicts in the 1850s, and was later sealed.


Metropolitan road[edit]

Departing Perth, the highway commences at the Causeway interchange in Victoria Park and for its first 4 km is a two-lane high street serving Victoria Park's town centre, while nearby four-lane Shepperton Road serves as the area's main conduit of traffic (it also carries the Route 30).

At Welshpool Road, the two roads merge and for 26 km Albany Highway serves as the main route for Perth's southeastern region, varying between a four- and six-lane mostly undivided carriageway. Due to the highway's evolution, this part of the highway is dominated by commercial shopping precincts in Bentley, Cannington, Maddington, Gosnells and Kelmscott and drivers must negotiate countless sets of traffic lights. One of Perth's most infamous stretches of roads is Albany Highway in Cannington. Due to the high volume of commuters making their way to Westfield Carousel, this section has become frequently gridlocked since its redevelopment in the late nineties. It is recommended that this section be bypassed via the Kenwick Link, the Tonkin & Leach Highways, and Welshpool Road (East), Orrong Road, and Manning Road. In the Perth section of the highway, Tonkin Highway to the east carries most of the north-south heavy vehicle traffic, and Albany Highway is used mostly by light vehicles.

Regional highway[edit]

At Armadale the highway doglegs east (the road that continues straight ahead is South Western Highway). As one keeps heading south-south-east, signs of human activity becomes more sparse as the highway crosses the Darling Scarp, and the scenery transitions to native forest. Further south it transitions again to pastureland, with farming activities being mostly livestock rearing and some orchards. Albany Highway serves as something of an express route, with the service towns in the region being located approximately 30 km to the east along Great Southern Highway - in particular Narrogin, Wagin and Katanning.

Closer to Albany, there are large tracts of blue gum eucalypt plantations. In terms of safety, the road is generally free of hazards caused by straying farm animals, though as with most rural and remote Australian roads, kangaroos are an everpresent danger.

The only major towns on the road between Perth and Albany are Williams, Kojonup and Mount Barker, with roadhouses at North Bannister, Crossman and Arthur River.

Major intersections[edit]

LGA Location km Mile Destinations Notes
Victoria Park Burswood, Victoria Park 0 0 Great Eastern Highway north-east (National Highway 94 / Nation Route 1) / Canning Highway south-west (National Route 1 / State Route 6) / The Causeway north-west (State Route 5) / Shepperton Road south-east (State Route 30) – Fremantle, Perth Highway terminus: continues as The Causeway. Hybrid Y Junction and parclo interchange. No access from Albany Highway to Great Eastern Highway or Shepperton Road. No access from the interchange to Albany Highway.
Victoria Park, Canning East Victoria Park, St James 3.7 2.3 Shepperton Road north (State Route 30) / Welshpool Road eastbound – Perth, East Cannington, Welshpool Route transition: No route number north-west on Albany Highway, State Route 30 continues north as Shepperton Road; Albany Highway south-eastbound continues east as Welshpool Road, Albany Highway north-westbound continues north as Shepperton Road.
Canning Bentley 5.6–
Leach Highway (State Route 7) – Welshpool, Kewdale, Fremantle, Perth Airport Diamond interchange (Leach Highway free flowing)
Cannington 6.3 3.9 Manning Road west (State Route 26) / Mallard Way north-east – Manning, Cannington Traffic light controlled intersection
Gosnells Beckenham 8.6 5.3 Nicholson Road – Fremantle, Canning Vale Traffic light controlled T Junction
8.9 5.5 Kenwick Link south-east (State Route 30) to Roe Highway (State Route 3) / William Street north-east – Armadale, Midland, Fremantle, Beckenham Route transition: State Route 30 continues south-east as Kenwick Link; Alternate State Route 30 north-western terminus
Gosnells Kenwick, Maddington 12.4 7.7 Kenwick Link north-west (State Route 30) to Roe Highway (State Route 3) / Austin Avenue north-eastPerth, Midland, Fremantle, Maddington Route transition: State Route 30 continues north-west as Kenwick Link; Alternate State Route 30 south-eastern terminus
Gosnells 16.0 9.9 Fremantle Road (State Route 36) – Langford Traffic light controlled intersection
Gosnells, Armadale Gosnells, Champion Lakes 18.6–
Tonkin Highway (State Route 4) – Welshpool, Bunbury, Perth Airport Folded diamond interchange (Tonkin Highway free flowing)
Armadale Kelmscott, Mt Nasura 22.8 14.2 Brookton Highway (State Route 40) – Roleystone, Brookton, Araluen Botanic Park Traffic light controlled T Junction
Armadale 25.6 15.9 Armadale Road west (State Route 14) / South Western Highway south (State Route 20) – Armadale, Fremantle, Bunbury Albany Highway south-eastbound continues south as South Western Highway. Albany Highway north-westbound continues west as Armadale Road.
Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Wandering Jarrahdale, Mount Cooke 52.0 32.3 Jarrahdale Road – Jarrahdale, Serpentine Dam
Wandering, Boddington North Bannister 92.1 57.2 North Bannister Wandering Road – Wandering
Bannister 106 66 Bannister Marradong Road – Boddington
Crossman 117 73 Crossman Dwarda Road – Dwarda, Wandering
118 73 Crossman Road – Boddington
Williams Williams 158 98 Pinjarra-Williams Road – Darkan, Collie, Pinjarra
158.5 98.5 Williams-Narrogin Highway – Narrogin, Wickepin, Kulin
West Arthur Arthur River 195 121 Coalfields Road (State Route 107) – Collie, Bunbury T Junction. State Route 107 concurrency terminus: continues west as Coalfields Road.
196 122 Arthur Road (State Route 107) – Wagin, Dumbleyung, Lake Grace T Junction. State Route 107 concurrency terminus: continues east as Arthur Road.
197 122 Boyup Brook Arthur Road – Boyup Brook, Bridgetown
Woodanilling Beaufort River 218 135 Robinson Road – Woodanilling
Kojonup Kojonup 252 157 Kojonup-Katanning Rd – Katanning
253 157 Broomehill Road east / Blackwood Road west – Broomehill, Gnowangerup, Jerramungup, FranklandBoyup Brook, Donnybrook Staggered T Junctions
Lumeah 278 173 Tambellup West Road – Tambellup
Cranbrook Cranbrook 315 196 Frankland Cranbrook Road – Frankland, Cranbrook town centre Staggered T Junctions
318 198 Great Southern Highway – Cranbrook, Katanning
Plantagenet Kendenup 338 210 Martagallup Tenterde Road – Frankland
Mount Barker 355–
Lowood Road / Mondurup Street, to Muirs Highway (State Route 102) – Denmark, Manjimup Two westbound T Junctions lead to Muirs Highway.
356 221 Oatlands Road (Tourist Drive 252) to Mount Barker Porongurup Road (Tourist Drive 252) – Porongurup, Porongurup National Park
Albany Lockyer, Orana 402 250 South Coast Highway west – Denmark, Manjimup Y Junction. No direct access from Albany Highway southbound - access is via U Turning at the next roundabout intersection.
Lockyer, Orana, Mount Melville, Centennial Park,Yakamia 403 250 Chester Pass Road north-east (National Route 1) to South Coast Highway (National Route 1) / North Road south-east / Hanrahan Road south-west – Lake Grace, Esperance, Middleton Beach, Emu Point, Frenchman Bay Roundabout intersection. State Route 30 southern terminus
Albany 405 252 Lokyer Avenue north / St Emilie Way east / York Street south – Albany city centre Highway terminus: roundabout intersection
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
Note: intersections with minor local roads are not shown

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