Clinton Railroad Bridge

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Clinton Railroad Bridge
Carries Double railroad track
Crosses Mississippi River
Locale Clinton, Iowa, and Illinois
Design Swing bridge
Opened 1907[1]
Coordinates 41°50′11″N 90°11′05″W / 41.83639°N 90.18472°W / 41.83639; -90.18472

The Clinton Railroad Bridge, also called the Chicago and North Western Railroad Bridge or more simply the Clinton Bridge,[1] carries double tracked rail lines across the Mississippi River between Clinton, Iowa and Illinois. The bridge is a truss bridge with a swing span crossing the main river channel. It replaces other railroad bridges at this location that were built in the 19th century, one of which was declared a post route in 1870.[2] There are still piers from predecessor bridges next to the current bridge. Through its purchase of Chicago and North Western Railway in 1995, Union Pacific Railroad is the current owner of the bridge.

Stereoscope of the old bridge

Clinton Bridge, draw closed, by J. Blackhall.png

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