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The Albemarle Club was a private members' club at 13 Albemarle Street, London, founded in 1874 and open to both men and women. It was considered more bohemian in character than the more prestigious clubs of the day.

Though successful, it was rocked by scandal in 1895, when the Marquess of Queensberry burst in, demanding to see Oscar Wilde, who was a member. Barred from entry by the porter, Queensberry left his calling card with the infamous note "For Oscar Wilde, posing somdomite" (sic). The card led to Wilde's failed libel action and subsequent criminal prosecution.

Because of the club's prominent place in the proceedings, and its being named at the trial, it fell into disrepute, and its membership sharply decreased. Falling on hard times, by World War I it had relocated to 37 Dover Street, and closed some time thereafter.

The Albemarle Street site is now occupied by Dolada restaurant.

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