Albera Massif

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Albera Massif
Les Alberes.jpg
The northern side of the Albera Massif seen from Sant Genís de Fontanes
Elevation 1,256 m (4,121 ft)
Albera Massif is located in Catalonia
Albera Massif
Albera Massif
Catalonia, Spain
Location Empordà, Rosselló
Range Foothills of the Pyrenees
Coordinates 42°28′55″N 2°56′49″E / 42.48194°N 2.94694°E / 42.48194; 2.94694Coordinates: 42°28′55″N 2°56′49″E / 42.48194°N 2.94694°E / 42.48194; 2.94694
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route From La Jonquera or Sureda

The Albera Massif (Catalan: Serra de l'Albera) (French: Massif des Albères) is a mountain range in the north of Catalonia, between France and Spain. It is the main easternmost prolongation of the Pyrenees. Its highest peak is the Puig Neulós, with an elevation of 1,256 metres.

Most of the southern side of the range is part of the Paratge Natural d'Interès Nacional de l'Albera natural reserve.[1] There are some ancient megaliths in the range.[2]


The Albera Range became the border between France and Spain following the Treaty of the Pyrenees, when Philip IV of Spain ceded a part of the Spanish kingdom to Louis XIV of France, dividing Northern Catalonia from Historical Catalonia.

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