Albert Angus Turbayne

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Albert Angus Turbayne
Born Albert Angus Turbayne
Boston, Massachusetts
Died April 29, 1940
Nationality American
Known for book design

Albert Angus Turbayne (1866 - April 29, 1940) was an American book designer and bookbinding artist.

An example of Turbayne's work

Turbayne was born in Boston, Massachusetts.[1] He worked in London for the London County Council School of Photoengraving and Lithography and also for Carlton Studio[2] . His principal artistic work was the design of books and bindings. He won a bronze medal (third place) for book binding design at the Exposition Universelle (1900) in Paris.

Turbayne married[3] in London on two occasions. The first in 1906, to Christine Owens[4] and the second, to Millicent Tavener (b. 1884), in 1921. Turbayne and Owens had two sons, William Turbayne (later name change to William Seymour) and John Turbayne, born in 1914, who changed his name to John Seymour.[5]

Turbayne died in London[6] in 1940.


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