Albert Barillé

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Albert Barillé
Albert Barillé detail.jpg
Born 14 February 1920
Warsaw, Poland
Died 5 February 2009 (aged 88)
Nationality  France
Albert Barillé in 2007

Albert Barillé (14 February 1920 – 5 February 2009) was a French television producer, creator, screenwriter, cartoonist, and founder of Procidis. He is the creator of the puppet animated series Colargol, and the series Once Upon a Time.... He was also an author of medical documentaries, theater pieces, and popularized philosophy.

Make our children want to know, arouse their curiosity. Also treat them as people in their own right, who understand much more than adults would have us believe. They will be all the stronger for it and be grateful to you.

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