Albert Kuvezin

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Albert Kuvezin performing live with Yat-Kha (2001, Karlsruhe, Germany)

Albert Kuvezin (Russian: Альберт Кувезин / Tuvanan: Альберт Көгээзин (Al'bert Kögeezin), born 27 November 1965 in Kyzyl) is a Tuvan guitarist and throat singer.

Kuvezin was one of the founding members of the Tuvan folk ensemble Huun-Huur-Tu,[1] and is the leader of the Tuvan folk/rock/electro/post punk band Yat-Kha.[2] He is known for his unique, contra-bass style of Tuvan kargyraa throat singing, which he calls "kanzat kargyraa." According to Russian critic Artemy Troitsky, "There are two unique voices on Earth right now; they belong to Pavarotti and Kuvezin."

In addition to his work with Yat-Kha, Kuvezin has contributed to albums by Alisa ("Duren", 1997), Susheela Raman and Värttinä.


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