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Not to be confused with Al Lucas or Al Lucas (musician).

Albert Lucas is an American juggler born in 1960 to Albert and Yvonne Moreira.[1] He is notable for juggling while ice skating, setting numbers juggling records, and promoting sport juggling.


With the encouragement of his father, Albert began juggling at age 3[2] and performing at age 4 in comedy clubs, small circuses and night clubs.[1] From age 8 to 11 he toured with Liberace and then performed in Las Vegas.[1] From age 12 to 22, he traveled the world performing his juggling act on ice with the Ice Capades.[1] Albert spent several years performing in the Around the World on Ice show at Busch Gardens Theme Park.[3] Albert has performed at both the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.[4]

Sport juggling[edit]

Albert co-founded the International Sport Juggling Federation[5] in order to develop sport juggling, including joggling, with the goal of re-introducing it to the Olympics.[6] He has joggled in 12 marathons,[6] including a marathon with no drops in 1987, which established a Guinness world record.[7]


At the age of 10, Albert won the Numbers Competition with seven rings at the International Jugglers' Association Summer Festival in 1970.[2] He was the U.S. Nationals Champion at the IJA Summer Festival in 1984.[8] He is the first person to have qualified 10 objects in competition, juggling 10 rings for 20 catches at the IJA Summer Festivals in 1996 and 2002.[9][10] He currently holds the world record for being the only person to flash 13 rings.[11]

Albert throws[edit]

Kit Summers named a juggling trick after Albert[12]—an "albert throw"—which is a reverse club throw under the leg, made from front to back without either foot leaving the floor.[13] This trick was performed by many earlier jugglers,[12] originating with Morris Cronin,[14] who specialized in club juggling during the early 1900s.[15]


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