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Albert Palle (14 Septembee 1916 Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) - 8 March 2007 Paris) was a French writer, and winner of the 1959 Prix Renaudot.


He was a friend of Raymond Aron,[1] and student of Jean-Paul Sartre.[2] He fought in the resistance and was awarded the Croix de guerre. He wrote for the paper Le Combat,[3] France Dimanche, and Elle.


  • L'expérience: roman, R. Julliard, 1959
    • Die Erfahrung: Roman, Rowohlt, 1961
    • Experience, Doubleday, 1961
  • Les marches: roman, Julliard, 1962
  • Les chaudières et la lune: roman, R. Julliard, 1965
  • Les mots perdus: nouvelles, Éd. du Cercle des amis des livres, 1994, ISBN 978-2-910213-02-2


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