Albert Pohlman

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Albert Martin Pohlman
27th Mayor of South Norwalk, Connecticut
In office
1910 – 1911[1]
Preceded by Robert M. Wolfe
Succeeded by William Tammany
Personal details
Born ca. 1868
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Anna Bach Pohlman
Children Blanche, Bessie Iris
Residence South Norwalk, Connecticut
Occupation physician[3]

Albert Martin Pohlman (b. July 1868) was a one-term Republican mayor of South Norwalk, Connecticut from 1910 to 1911.

He was the son of Fred and Louisa Pohlman, German immigrants.

In 1925, Pohlman ran against incumbent Republican mayor of Norwalk Thomas Robins, but was defeated.[4]

From 1933 to 1935, Pohlman was president of the Norwalk Common Council. During the term of fellow Democratic mayor Charles C. Swartz, he had a break with the local Democrats. In 1935, He sought the party nomination for mayor, but the nomination went to Frank T. Stack. He formed the People's Party, with former South Norwalk mayor Robert M. Wolfe as his campaign manager. He lost to Stack in a four way race.[5]


Preceded by
Robert M. Wolfe
Mayor of South Norwalk, Connecticut
Succeeded by
William Tammany