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Albert Salvadó i Miras (born Andorra la Vella, 1951) is an Andorran writer and industrial engineer. He writes in both Catalan and Spanish.

Salvadó writes children's stories, essays and novels, often focusing on historical fiction. He has been described as having breathed new life into the historical novel in the Catalan language.

In the crime fiction genre, he has written El rapte, el mort i el Marsellès (Serie Negra Prize 2000), and Una vida en joc, dedicated to the former Casino de la Rabassada (1910). In the suspense novel genre, he has written Un vot per l'esperança, a novel that won the title of "Selected Work" in the Plaza & Janés International Novel Prize in 1985 and L'informe Phaeton, which has received unanimous acclaim from the public, who say this is my most impressive novel. In historical fiction he has written books set in different eras: The Teacher of Cheops (Néstor Luján Prize Historical Novel 1998); L'anell d'Àtila (Fiter i Rossell Prize 1999); Els ulls d'Anníbal (Charlemagne Prize 2002); La Gran Concubina d'Egipte (Nestor Lujan Prize 2005); the trilogy dedicated to James I the Conqueror (2000)s comprising: El punyal del sarraí, La reina hongaresa and Parleu o mateu-me; the trilogy dedicated to Ali Bey comprising: Maleït català, Maleït musulmà and Maleït cristià; and Obre els ulls i desperta, set in 17th-century Prague.

Selected works[edit]

  • L'enigma de Constantí el Gran,
  • El mestre de Kheops,
  • L'anell d'Àtila
  • El rapte, el mort i el Marsellès
  • Jaume I el Conqueridor (El punyal del sarraí, La reina hongaresa, Parleu o mateu-me)
  • L'ull del diable
  • El relat de Gunter Psarris
  • Un vot per l'esperança
  • Els ulls d'Anníbal
  • L’ombra d’Ali Bei (Maleït català!, Maleït musulmà!, Maleït cristià!)
  • La gran concubina d'Amon
  • L'informe Phaeton
  • Una vida en joc
  • Obre els ulls i desperta

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