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Alberta Highway 20 shield

Highway 20
Route information
Length: 110 km (70 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Hwy 11 near Sylvan Lake
  Hwy 11A
Hwy 12
Hwy 53
Hwy 20A
Hwy 13
North end: Hwy 39 at Alsike
and rural
Red Deer County, Lacombe County, Ponoka County, Wetaskiwin No. 10 County, Brazeau County
Towns: Sylvan Lake, Rimbey
Villages: Breton
Highway system

Provincial highways in Alberta

Hwy 19 Hwy 21

Alberta Provincial Highway No. 20[1] is a highway located in central Alberta, Canada, west of Highway 2.

Highway 20 southbound between Breton and Rimbey

Highway 20 begins at Alsike along Highway 39 and proceeds 10 km south to Breton where it crosses Highway 616. It continues south another 17 km to Winfield where it crosses Highway 13. From Winfield the highway continues south for another 15 km to Hoadley where Highway 611 branches off to the east. 12 km further south it goes through Bluffton where Highway 607 branches off to the west.

Highway 53 branches off Highway 20 to the east towards Ponoka about 10 km south of Bluffton. The highway then travels 2 km before meeting Highway 20A, which proceeds into Rimbey. Highway 20 turns left and proceeds another 3 km before Highway 53 branches off to the west through Rimbey to Highway 22. The highway proceeds southeast for 22 km where Highway 771 branches off to the north. The highway meets Highway 12 just east of Bentley 2 km later.

From Highway 12, it goes directly south for 16 km where it meets Highway 11A at a four way stop at the east end of Sylvan Lake. From Highway 11A it travels another 4 km to its end at Highway 11.

Highway 20A[edit]

Alberta Highway 20A.svg

Alberta Provincial Highway No. 20A[1] is the designation of an alternate route off Highway 20 serving the Town of Rimbey. It starts within Rimbey at Highway 53 and ends 1.6 km (1.0 mi) to the north at Highway 20.


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