Alberta Pacific Grain Company

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Alberta Pacific Grain Company
Industry Agriculture
Fate Merged
Successors Federal Grain
Founded 1900
Defunct 1967
Headquarters Alberta, Canada
Products Grain buying
The oldest standing grain elevator in Alberta, the Alberta Pacific elevator in Raley.

The Alberta Pacific Grain Company Limited began as the Alberta Grain Company founded by Nicholas Bawlf and associates. In 1911 Alberta Grain Co. was merged with the Alberta Pacific Company Limited to form the Alberta Pacific Grain Company Limited. In 1967 the company was taken over by Federal Grain.

Remaining elevators[edit]

Historic (protected);

The historic elevators in St. Albert, Alberta. An original Alberta Grain Co. elevator is seen to the right.

Historic (Private-museum);

  • Raley, Alberta, oldest grain elevator in Alberta a 1904-1905 Alberta Pacific.
  • Lousana, Alberta, unknown date, Alberta Pacific in poor condition, moved to a private farm east of Lousana in 1973.[4]

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