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For the theoretical and quantum chemist, see Alberte Pullman. For the pastor, see Alberte van Raalte.
Alberte Winding

Elin Alberte Leonora Winding[1] (born August 23, 1963), commonly known as Alberte, is a Danish singer and actress, and the daughter of Thomas Winding and Lulu Gauguin. She grew up in Copenhagen and on the island of Ærø. She worked together with her brothers Kasper Winding and Aske Bentzon on their father's programs for Denmark Radio.

Alberte is well known for her appearance as Luna in several episodes of the Danish children's television show Bamses billedbog. She also played Lis in the film Strømer and has acted in several plays. Winding was married to musician Jan Rørdam for nearly 20 years, and made and played much of her music with him, but they divorced in 2001.[2]

The world-famous painter Paul Gauguin is her great-grandfather.



  • Alberte (1985)
  • Lige På (1986)
  • Lyse Nætter (1991)
  • Det Skaldede Spøgelse (1992)
  • Den Forsvundne Skat (1993)
  • Tju Bang Chokolademand (1994)
  • Alle Verdens Hjørner (1996)
  • Brænder Sol (1999)
  • De Største & De Mindste (1999)
  • Svenske Spor (2003)
  • Sludder og Vrøvl Gamle Jas (2005)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Grænseløs Greatest (1999)
  • Albertes Bedste Børnesange (2011)


Featured in
  • "Min Klub Først" (2011) (Rosa Lux feat. Alberte) (#1 in Danish Singles Chart)


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