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Not to be confused with KS Albpetrol
Type State-owned corporation
Industry Oil & Gas
Founded 1992
Headquarters Fier, Albania
Products Oil (fuels, lubricants), natural gas (LNG), petrochemicals
Operating income US$ 3,000,000 (2010)[1]
Net income US$ 2,500,000 thousand (2010)[1]

Albpetrol is the state owned oil company in Albania.[1] Albpetrol values its assets at $497 million.[1] The government is now seeking to privatize it.[1] As of October 2012, Vetro Energy, a US-based consortium with Rezart Taçi as majority shareholder,[2] is the frontrunner in a tender to buy Albpetrol with an offer of €850 million.[3] On October 3, 2012 Vetro Energy was valued by Patton Boggs as the best bid beating out China's Win Business Bright Oil and Canada's Bankers Petroleum.[4]