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Albrecht Behmel books[edit]

The bulk of Albrecht Behmel's books and scripts were published under his own name. Two titles have appeared under the Pseudonym Timothy Patterson some ghost-writing work remains without credit.

Title Synopsis Notes Original publication year
Die Schwelle The Threshold, a crime story, novel in production 2014
Mitte 2 downton, part 2 of this comedy novel 2014
Mitte 1 downton, a comedy novel 2013
Doktor Faust und Mephisto a campus novel 2013
Lexikon der Hochschulbegriffe A dictionary of university-terms 2012
Mitteleuropadebatte Dissertation about geo-political plans for Central Europe after WW2 2011
1968 A history of ideas of European protest-movements between 1870 and 1969 2011
Homo Sapiens Berliner Art In this fictitious autobiography, a young, incompetent hipster struggles to make ends meet in Berlin of the early 2000s, a novel. 2010
Die Berliner Expresshistorie A mock-historiography of the city of Berlin, spanning 20.000 years 2007
Von der Kunst zwischen sich und dem Boden ein Pferd zu behalten Horsemanship in literature and poetry 2005
Geisteswissenschaften A guide to academic Humanities, interviews with professors 2005
Flann O'Brien Biography of Brian O'Nolan, called Flann O'Brien adapted for radio 2003
Nibelungenlied Annotated translation of the medieval text 2001
Gedankenexperimente Thought-experiments in Philosophy: about the Turing Test and the Chinese Room. 2001
Themistokles Biography of Themistokles; a history of Greek naval warfare in the Persian wars 2001

Academic companions[edit]

Behmel wrote and published a number of manuals, published as e-books in the mid-1990s that have been since then printed and reprinted several times by various publishing houses.

  • Manuskripte druckreif formatieren. (about editing and formatting academic papers)
  • Referate richtig halten (about presenting seminar papers)
  • Mündliche Prüfungen (about preparing for oral exams)
  • Rhetorik für Studenten (about academic rhetoric)
  • Schreibhemmungen (about writer's block)

Radio plays[edit]

  • Ist das Ihr Fahrrad, Mr. O'Brien? Eine Hörspielcollage aus der Welt der Wissenschaft und des Suffs. 2003
  • Ach, du Lieber Augustin A feature about the Black Death, 2004
  • Dann bin ich auf dem Weg ins's Kaffeehaus, A feature about Poets in Vienna, 2004

Video games and digitals[edit]

  • Fortress Under Siege I & II, 2013 (writer/contributor to a medieval-themed defense game.)[1]
  • Die Akte JFK, Bonsoft 1996 (researcher and writer)

Film and TV[edit]

From 2004 to 2009 Behmel wrote, edited and co-wrote material for TV-stations ARTE, ARD, Pro7 and German production companies like NFP, NdF, Zero One, Senator, LosBanditos, Provobis. He discovered and promoted a novel by Elmar Bereuter "Schwabenkinder" that was made into a film by Jo Baier in 2003. He also developed game shows for Life Entertainment.

  • 2012: Noah's Ark (script writer) [2]
  • 2009: 24-Stunden Berlin: Ein Tag im Leben TV (editor)
  • 1995: Out of the Present (editor with writer Andrei Ujică)