Albula Pass

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Albula Pass
Albula Pass road
Elevation 2,315 m (7,595 ft)
Traversed by Road
Location Graubünden, Switzerland
Range Alps
Coordinates 46°35′N 09°53′E / 46.583°N 9.883°E / 46.583; 9.883Coordinates: 46°35′N 09°53′E / 46.583°N 9.883°E / 46.583; 9.883
Albula Pass is located in Switzerland
Albula Pass
Albula Pass
Location in Switzerland
Road sign "Albula 2315 m, 7595 ft, A.C.S."

Albula Pass (Romansh: Pass d'Alvra[1] or Pass da l'Alvra,[2] German: Albulapass) (el. 2315 m) is a Swiss mountain pass in the canton of Graubünden. It lies in the Albula Range of the Alps. The road from Thusis through Bergün leads by the Valtellina of the upper reaches of the River Adda over the pass to La Punt in the Inn Valley (Engadin).

In past centuries it was a key alpine pass between Lombardy and Austria. In the southern approach, control of the Valtelline was much sought after, particularly during the Thirty Years' War. In the northern approach, Tarasp with its fortress, Tarasp Castle, was disputed between the Bishopric of Chur and the Counts of Tyrol.

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