Aldar Tsydenzhapov

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Aldar Batorovich Zhydenzhapov
Russian: Алда́р Баторович Цыденжа́пов)
Stamp of Russia 2012 No 1589 Aldar Zydenzhapov.jpg
Tsydenzhapov, as shown on a Russian stamp.
Cause of death
Fire on the ru:Bystriy destroyer
Ethnicity Buryat
Occupation Conscript seaman on the Bystriy
Known for Posthumous recognition for his role in extinguishing the fire

Aldar Tsydenzhapov (Buryat and Russian: Алда́р Цыденжа́пов) was a conscript seaman of the ru:Bystriy destroyer of the Russian Pacific Fleet who was the only fatal victim of a fire that broke out on the destroyer on 28 September 2010. He was awarded the Gold Hero of Russia Star for his role in extinguishing the fire.[1]


  1. ^ "President of Russia". Presidential Administration of Russia. 21 February 2011. Retrieved 10 October 2013. Aldar Tsydenzhapov has been posthumously decorated with the Gold Hero of Russia Star for preventing an explosion aboard the destroyer Bystry.