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Aldeatejada is a village and municipality in the province of Salamanca, western Spain, part of the autonomous community of Castile-Leon.


It is located only 6 kilometres from the city of Salamanca and as of the 2003 census has a population of 716 people. Recent estimates suggest though that there are now as of 2006 935 inhabitants, excluding temporary guests and tourists.

The village lies 792 metres above sea level on rural farmland. The nearest village geographically is Vistaahermosa although lack of direct road connections means that the village is almost twice the distance away by road from Salamanca.


Tradiionally. the village has relied on agriculture and the rearing of cattle for dairy commodities such as Milk and Cheese, taking full advantage of the market potential being to close to the market place at Salamanca. CLose proximity to the town market meant that local farmers often thrived as they were able to deliver their fresh goods quicker, beating off other competition. However in recent years the agricultural tradition has declined somewhat with modernization and an important source of income to the area is now from tourism, from visitors who wish to be housed in the close vicinity of Salamanca yet in quiter, more rural surroundings.


At present the village lies within a certain demographic prosperity within reach of the provincial capital, but increased urban sprawl in recent years may mean that the village may become merged with the Salamanca conurbation in coming decades. IN the time period of 15 years the population has nearly doubled between 1991 and 2006 with a population of 516 people in 1991 growing to an estimated 935 people in 2006.

Population Growth[edit]

  • 1991 516 census official
  • 2001 696 census official
  • 2003 716
  • 2004 800
  • 2006 935


Major buildings in the area include the Aldeatejada Country House, a rural retreat that was built several centuries ago. Today the country house serves as a lodging and small hotel to accommodate recently arrived visitors to the area conveniently located near the city of Salamanca. The house is located in some 1500m² of gardens. The extensive grounds allow for local people to devise methods of diversification to increase income from tourists. Paintball has developed significantly in recent years.

Transport and communication[edit]

The village is located nearby the 512 main road which connects the village northwards to the city of Salamanca.


The village is known for its fierce rivalry between junior teams Aldatejada and Pelabravo F. C. in football and the village has facilities to accommodate for the popularity of football including a football pitch and leisure hut.

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Coordinates: 40°55′N 5°41′W / 40.917°N 5.683°W / 40.917; -5.683