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Aldergrove is a community in the Township of Langley within British Columbia, Canada,[1] approximately 59 km (37 mi) east of Vancouver. The community is urban in nature[2] and, although not incorporated as a town,[3] is often referred to as one.[4]

Aldergrove is located at the southeastern edge of both the Township of Langley and the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area near the western edge of the Abbotsford metropolitan area. It is home to one of the Lower Mainland's five land border crossings, connecting Aldergrove and Lynden, Washington.


As a population centre in the Canada 2011 Census, Aldergrove had a population of 12,778 living in 4,515 of its 4,756 total private dwellings, a 3.4% change from its 2006 population of 12,363. With a land area of 15.40 km2 (5.95 sq mi), it has a population density of 829.74/km2 (2,149.0/sq mi) in 2011.[5]

Arts and culture[edit]

The 2013 A&E television series Bates Motel is filmed in Aldergrove, however is set in the fictional town of White Pine Bay, Oregon. The series stars Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga and is a prequel to the famous 1960 Alfred Hitchcock horror film Psycho, which is based on the novel of the same name. The series is set in modern times and the first season was filmed in Fall 2012. The set for the original home is located in Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, however a replica has been built in Aldergrove, where the series is filmed. Filming for the second season commenced in August 2013 and is currently ongoing.[6] The set is located on 272nd Street.[7]


The Greater Vancouver Zoo is located in Aldergrove. The Twilight Drive in Theatre is located in Aldergrove.


Club League Sport Established Championships
Aldergrove Kodiaks
Ice hockey



The Royal Canadian Navy's primary communication station for the Pacific fleet is located at Naval Radio Site Aldergrove.



Aldergrove is served by the #503 Aldergrove/Surrey Central Station bus route. The #503 operates half-hourly trips between Langley Centre and Fraser Hwy and 272 Street. It is also served by the #21 Valley Max bus service that connects Aldergrove to Abbotsford.

In addition to Translink service, the Aldergrove Trolley Company commenced operating a trolley bus service in the Aldergrove area in June 2013.[8] The Company has plans to expand from its single route (which travels the Aldergrove community) in the near future to include the nearby Gloucester Industrial Estates North of the community.


As part of School District 35 Langley, Aldergove has one high school, Aldergrove Community Secondary School, four elementary schools, and a middle school

Aldergrove Elementary School used to be an active school until 2007, when protests since 2005 failed to prevent closure due to running under capacity with 189 pupils in 2006. The school is now frequently used for as a filming location.

Additionally, some high school students in the Aldergrove area attend D.W. Poppy Secondary School, which is outside of the generally recognized area of Aldergrove but still within the Langley Township.[9]

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