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Origin Osaka, Japan
Genres Heavy metal, power metal
Years active 2008–present
Labels Bright Star/Spinning
Members Yoshi
Past members Ruki

Aldious is an all-female heavy metal band formed in 2008 by guitarist Yoshi and vocalist Rami in Osaka, Japan. After a few member changes, they released their debut EP Dear Slave the following year and soon after formed their own record label, Bright Star Records. Their first album Deep Exceed (2010) reached the top 15 on the Oricon chart, as did their second Determination (2011). However, founding member Rami announced she was leaving the group in June 2012 for health reasons and new vocalist Re:NO joined Aldious just one month later. They produced their third album District Zero in 2013 and it became their highest-charting release to date, reaching number 7. Their fourth album, 2014's Dazed and Delight, peaked at number 20.


Guitarist Yoshi and vocalist Rami formed Aldious in Osaka in June 2008.[1] In November they took part in the compilation album Red Hot Burning Hell Vol.16,[2] soon after which guitarist Ruki and bassist Sawa left. In January 2009, Toki and Kaze joined as guitarist and bassist respectively, later the band released their debut four-track EP Dear Slave on November 7.[2] Kaze left in December, and drummer Aruto joined in January 2010. March saw the return of Sawa on bass and around this time Aldious formed their own record label, Bright Star Records.[2] Their first single "Defended Desire", released July 7, reached the number 4 position on Oricon's Indies chart and number 49 on its regular chart.[2][3] In April, Bright Star became a sub-label of Spinning and the band released their debut album Deep Exceed on October 13, 2010.[1] It reached number 15 on the charts.[4]

Determination, the band's second album, was released on October 12, 2011 and reached number 13.[4][5] The song "Spirit Black" was used as the ending theme song of the Fuji TV show Shimura Ken (志村軒?). The album's single, "Mermaid", was previously released on April 6 and earned the number 20 position.[3] On June 29, 2012, it was announced that vocalist and co-founder Rami would withdraw from the group due to health concerns.[6] Only a month later, on August 3, Re:NO was announced as Aldious' new singer.[7] This line-up's first release was the single "White Crow" on November 14, which reached number 19 and was co-produced by Akihito Kinoshita, guitarist and leader of the veteran heavy metal band Saber Tiger.[3][8][9] On May 15, 2013, Aldious released their third album District Zero, which became their first release to break the top-ten.[10][4] Its song "Scrash" became the ending theme song for the TBS TV show Ranking Kingdom (ランク王国?) from June to July. It was reported that for the album the band intentionally toned down their appearance and aimed for a "pure metal sound", so as to be recognized for their musicianship rather than being an all-female band.[11]

Their fourth single and first double A-side, "Dominator / I Don't Like Me", was released on October 9 and is the group's highest charting, having reached number 12. Their next single, "Other World", peaked at number 22 and their fourth album, Dazed and Delight released on June 18, 2014, has been their lowest charting, only reaching the 20 position.[3][4] In September 2014, Aruto announced she is leaving the band and music entirely due to her upcoming marriage, which will see her moving far from Tokyo, where the band is currently based. Her final show will be in November 2014.[12]


Formerly in the band RazFarby. Uses a red PRS Modern Eagle guitar, Seymour Duncan SH-1 and SH-4 pickups, and Marshall amplifiers. Formerly used Schecter C-1 Classic and She-Devil, and her own signature models by Combat Guitars (ALY 450 Deco Custom and ALY 700). Official blog
  • Toki (トキ?) – guitar (2009–present)
Formerly in the all-female bands Layla and Chemicaloid No.000. Uses her custom pink ESP Arrow guitar, Seymour Duncan Blackouts, and Hughes & Kettner's Coreblade amp line. Formerly used a Jackson King V and her own signature models by Combat Guitars; Alt 450 Deco Custom, Alt 550 and ALD-II. Official blog
  • Aruto – drums (2010–present)
Formerly in the bands Heaven and Tenshou -Meteoric Force-. Uses Pearl Reference series drums, Sabian cymbals and her own signature Pearl drumsticks. Official blog
  • Sawa (サワ?)bass (2008, 2010–present)
Was simultaneously in the all-female melodic death metal band G∀LMET, until withdrawing from them in October 2011. Uses a 5-string B.C. Rich Widow bass guitar and Markbass bass amps. Formerly used a 5-string Ibanez SR and her own signature models by Combat Guitars; Als 450 Deco Custom, Als 500 and ALD-III. Official blog
  • Re:NO – vocals (2012–present)
Rino Nikaido (二階堂梨乃?), formerly a model and one-half of the pop duo Suitei Shoujo. Official blog
Former members
  • Hime Ruki (髏姫-RUKI-?, lit. Princess Ruki) – guitar (2008)
Currently in the all-female melodic death metal band G∀LMET. Official blog
  • Kaze (風-Kaze-?) – bass (2009)
Currently in the band Crying Machine under the name Fuko, and formerly a member of Manipulated Slaves. Official blog
  • Rami – vocals (2008–2012)
Formerly in the band Area and performed backing vocals on Manipulated Slaves' 2009 album Back From The Damnation.[13] Uses a Shure SM58-LCE customized with rhinestones. Official blog


  • Dear Slave (November 7, 2009, EP)
  • Deep Exceed (October 13, 2010), Oricon Weekly Albums Chart Peak Position: No. 15,[4] Oricon Indies Albums Chart: No. 1
  • Determination (October 12, 2011) No. 13,[4] Indies No. 2
  • District Zero (May 15, 2013) No. 7[4]
  • Dazed and Delight (June 18, 2014) No. 20[4]
  • "Defended Desire" (July 7, 2010), Oricon Weekly Singles Chart Peak Position: No. 49,[3] Oricon Indies Singles Chart: No. 4
  • "Mermaid" (April 6, 2011) No. 20,[3] Indies No. 1
  • "White Crow" (November 14, 2012) No. 19,[3] Indies No. 3
  • "Dominator / I Don't Like Me" (October 9, 2013) No. 12[3]
  • "Other World" (May 14, 2014) No. 22[3]
  • Red Hot Burning Hell Vol.16 (November 15, 2008)
With the songs "Ultimate Melodious" and "Shion" (紫苑?).
  • Determination Tour 2011 -Live at Shibuya O-East- (May 16, 2012), Oricon Weekly DVDs Chart Peak Position: No. 6[14]
  • District Zero Tour ~Live at Shibuya O-East~ (February 12, 2014) No. 6[14]


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