Aleš Šteger

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Aleš Šteger
Born (1973-05-31)31 May 1973
Ptuj, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (now in Slovenia)
Occupation poet, writer, editor, translator, literary critic
Notable works Šahovnice ur, Kašmir, Knjiga reči
Notable awards Veronika Award
1998 for Kašmir
Rožanc Award
2007 for Berlin

Aleš Šteger (born 31 May 1973) is a Slovene poet, writer, editor and literary critic. His poetry has been translated into numerous languages and published in over two hundred literary journals and magazines internationally.[1]

Šteger was born in Ptuj in the Lower Styria region in eastern Slovenia in 1973, then part of Yugoslavia. He studied Comparative literature and German at University of Ljubljana. He has published five volumes of poetry, a travelogue of his experiences on a journey through Peru and two books of short stories. His books and poems have won several awards and been translated into English, German, Slovak, Croatian, Czech, Spanish, Bosnian, Serbian, Lithuanian, and Italian.[2]

He lives in Ljubljana and works as an editor at the Študentska založba publishing house. Among his editorial work, the most noticeable is a new revisited collection of poems by Edvard Kocbek published in 2004, which includes a number of Kocbek's unpublished poems as well as an insightful essay on Kocbek's poetic language written by Šteger.

In 1998 Šteger won the Veronika Award for his poetry collection Kašmir and in 2008 he won the Rožanc Award, the highest prize for essays written in Slovene language.

Poetry collections[edit]

  • Šahovnice ur (Chessboards of Hours) 1995
  • Kašmir (Kashmir) 1997
  • Protuberance (Protuberances) 2002
  • Knjiga reči (The Book of Things) 2005
  • Knjiga teles (The Book of Bodies) 2010


  • Včasih je januar sredi poletja (January in the Middle of Summer), a travelogue of a journey through Peru, 1997
  • Berlin, short stories, 2007
  • S prsti in peto, collection of essays, 2009


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