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AleSmith Brewing Company
AleSmith Brewery Logo
Location 9368 Cabot Dr.
San Diego, California, USA
Opened 1995
Barrels per year 15,000 bbls/year
Owner(s) Peter Zien (independent)
Entrance to Alesmith Brewing

AleSmith Brewing Company is an artisan, American craft brewery founded in 1995 by Skip Virgilio and Ted Newcomb in San Diego, California that specializes in handcrafted ales in a variety of styles. In 2002, the brewery was purchased by the company's brewmaster, Peter Zien. Zien is a BJCP "Grand Master level 1" beer judge, the only one in San Diego County. Deeply rooted in the amateur and craft brewing communities, AleSmith ales have continued to garner national and international awards, as well as following among beer enthusiasts. AleSmith currently employs 28 people and will be expanding into a new state of the art brewing facility off of Miramar Road in 2015.

Beers from the brewery have been rated on website as #1 Top Brewer in the World 2006 and again in 2013.[1] In 2008, AleSmith was awarded "Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year" at the Great American Beer Festival.[2]


The company has won nine medals in World Beer Cup competition, including five golds. They won for Belgian Strong Ale (bronze, 1998); Winter YuleSmith (gold, 2004); Vintage AleSmith Old Numbskull (gold, 2008); AleSmith Decadence '05 Old Ale (gold, 2008); AleSmith Wee Heavy (gold, 2010); AleSmith Decadence '09 Weizenbock (bronze, 2010); AleSmith Decadence '10 Old Ale (silver, 2012); AleSmith Old Numbskull (bronze, 2012); AleSmith Old Ale '13 (gold,2014).[3]

At the 2008 Great American Beer Festival, AleSmith Brewing Company won the Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year Award. By 2013, the AleSmith team had acquired 16 GABF beer medals:[4] Belgian-Style Strong Ale (silver, 1998); Stumblin’ Monk (bronze, 2000); Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (bronze, 2004); AleSmith IPA (bronze, 2005); Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (silver, 2005); Vintage Speedway Stout (silver, 2008); Old Numbskull Barley Wine (silver, 2008); Decadence ‘05 Old Ale (gold, 2008); Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (gold, 2008); AleSmith IPA (silver, 2011); Old Numbskull Barley Wine (silver, 2011); Decadence ’10 Old Ale (silver, 2011); Grand Cru (bronze, 2012); Decadence ’10 Old Ale (bronze, 2012); Old Numbskull Barley Wine (gold, 2013); Decadence ‘12 Quadruple (silver, 2013)

The Beers[edit]

AleSmith's beers are inspired by the brewing styles of Great Britain and Belgium. Some AleSmith beers, such as their Cream Ale and Robust Porter Beer, are only offered on draft or in kegs at the brewery. The majority, however, are available in 22-ounce or 750 ml bottles. These brews are listed below.

Year-Round Brews[edit]

Name Style ABV IBU Original Gravity Serving Temp. Serving Glass
Anvil ESB ESB 5.5% 30 1.055 45°-50° Pint
Grand Cru Belgian Strong Dark Ale 10.0% 17 1.088 50°-55° Tulip
Horny Devil Belgian Golden Ale 10.0% 25 1.081 50°-55° Tulip
IPA American IPA 7.25% 73 1.066 45°-50° Pint
‘Lil’ Devil Belgian Pale Ale 5.75% 24 1.050 45°-50° Tulip
Nut Brown Ale Brown Ale 5.0% 17 1.054 45°-50° Pint
Old Numbskull American Barleywine 11.0% 96 1.106 50°-55° Tulip
Speedway Stout Imperial Stout 12.0% 70 1.114 50°-55° Tulip
Wee Heavy Scotch Ale 10.0% 26 1.102 50°-55° Tulip
X - Extra Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.25% 35 1.048 45°-50° Pint

Seasonal Brews[edit]

Name Availability Style ABV IBU Original Gravity Serving Temp. Serving Glass
Decadence Year Round Varies Varies Varies Varies 50°-55° Tulip
Evil Dead Red September/October American Amber 6.66% 24 1.073 45°-50° Pint
My Bloody Valentine January/February American Amber 6.66% 24 17.5°P 45°-50° Pint
Olde Ale Spring Old Ale 11.0% 25 1.110 50°-55° Snifter
Summer YuleSmith July/August Double IPA 8.5% 105 1.080 45°-50° Pint
Winter YuleSmith November/December American Amber 8.5% 48 1.090 50°-55° Pint

Barrel-Aged Brews[edit]

Name Style ABV IBU Original Gravity Serving Temp. Serving Glass
BA Grand Cru Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Dark Ale 10.0% 17 1.088 50°-55° Tulip
BA Old Numbskull Barrel Aged American Barleywine 11.0% N/A 1.106 50°-55° Tulip
BA Speedway Stout Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 12.0% N/A 1.111 50°-55° Tulip
BA Wee Heavy Barrel Aged Scotch Ale 10% N/A 1.096 50°-55° Tulip


AleSmith's bottles are often accompanied by the trademark AleSmith anvil.

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