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Alec Douglas Bangham FRS[1] (10 November 1921 Manchester - 9 March 2010 Great Shelford) was a British biophysicist who first studied blood clotting mechanisms but became well known for his research on liposomes and his invention of clinically useful artificial lung surfactants.[2][3][4]


He was the son of Donald Bangham, and Edith Kerby. He studied at the Downs School, and then Bryanston School, and proceeded to earn a MB MS in medicine from University College London.

He was appointed to Addenbrooke's Hospital, where he served as a pathologist, in the Royal Army Medical Corps, becoming a captain in 1948.

Bangham worked at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge from 1952 to 1982.[3][4][5] He is best known for his research on liposomes.[6]


He was married to Rosalind; they had four children and eleven grandchildren.



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