Alekos Fassianos

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Alekos Fassianos
Αλέκος Φασσιανός
Born 1935
Athens, Greece
Occupation painter

Alekos Fassianos (Greek: Αλέκος Φασιανός, born in 1935) is a Greek painter. [1][2][3]


Fassianos personal style has been shaped at the 60s. He draws his subjects from Greek myths, Fayum portraits, Byzantine icons and the shadow theatre.[4] His paintings are also characterised by motion which is emphasised by the hair or cloth waving in the breeze.[5] In his artistic maturity his figures are known for their voluptuousness and the luminosity of the color he uses to highlight the sensuality and the immense pleasure of everyday life. This is probably less true of his early works. His works from the 1960s were made in the expressionist style and his figures are more grotesque.[1]

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