Alekos Sakellarios

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Alekos Sakellarios
Αλέκος Σακελλάριος
Born 7 November 1913
Athens, Greece
Died 28 August 1991
Athens, Greece
Occupation director, screenwriter, lyricist

Alekos Sakellarios (Greek: Αλέκος Σακελλάριος, 7 November 1913 in Athens – 28 August 1991 in Athens) was a Greek writer and a director.

He was born in Athens and began to learn journalism and acting at a young age. He wrote his first theatrical play in 1935 called The King of Halva. He employed himself into the film as a screenwriter and a director and wrote many plays.

He directed mainly with Christos Giannakopoulos and only wrote with that cooperation of around 140 works. The most popular include: The Germans Strike Again, Thanassakis o politevomenos, I theia ap' to Chicago, Dikoi mas Anthropoi, Ena votsalo sti limni, Kalos ilthe to dollario, Ta kitrina gantia, Otan Leipei i Gata, I Soferina, Laterna, Ftocheia kai Filotimo, Alimono stous Neous (Woe to the Young) and more. Many of these theatrical plays were transferred to the cinema with notable success.

He wrote also lyrics for several songs, many of which became very popular. Among them are: Garifallo st' Afti, Ypomoni, Asta ta Malakia sou (sung by Fotis Polymeris), Eho ena Mystiko and more.

He died in 1991 and is buried in the First Cemetery of Athens in a family grave. He spent his final years next to his wife Tina. He had two daughters.

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