Aleksandr Roediger

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Aleksandr Roediger

Aleksandr Fedorovich Roediger (1853, Veliky Novgorod – 1920) — Russian General;

Graduate of the Page Corps and a student of the Nicholas Academy of the General Staff; served in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878; in 1882 was appointed Assistant Minister and later Minister of War of the newly independent Principality of Bulgaria; on his return to Russia became a Professor in the Nicholas Military Academy. He was appointed Assistant Minister of War of Russia in 1898 under Aleksey Kuropatkin. Served as Russian Minister of War from 1905 through 1909 serving in the Witte, Goremykin and Stolypin governments. He was also an appointed member of the Imperial State Council beginning in 1905. In June 1907 police foiled a plot to assassinate Roediger. Several members of Socialist-Revolutionary Party were arrested.