Aleksei Kravchenko

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Aleksei Kravchenko
Born Aleksei Yevgenyevich Kravchenko
(1969-10-10) October 10, 1969 (age 45)
Moscow, Russia
Nationality Russian
Other names Aleksei Kravchenko
Occupation Actor
Years active 1985-presents
Spouse(s) Alisa Kravchenko
Nadezhda Borisova

Aleksei Yevgenyevich Kravchenko (Russian: Алексе́й Евге́ньевич Кра́вченко; born in Podolsk near Moscow, October 10, 1969) is an actor perhaps best known for his role in the 1985 film Come and See as a young boy in the resistance army. He was 14 when filming started. He applied to the Shchukin Theatre School (Театральное училище имени Б.В.Щукина) in 1991 and graduated in 1995. He did not act in anything for more than a decade, but since 1998 has appeared in at least one film or TV show almost every year.

He is also the founder and leader of the Guarana group.

Select filmography[edit]


  • 2001–Triumph Award
  • 2003–Government award in the area of literature and art for his role in the film The Star.

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